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  1. Well You all did it to me again! As soon as i get outa work at 1200 i am going to go pick up a walther P-22! I have been intrested in one for my wife for a while. I want somthing that she can shoot repetedly with out sore hands and wrists. Also i would like to get the brother and sister in laws into shooting as they are 10 and 11 years old. Both grew up in the city and the closest either have been to using a real weapon is while playing Halo! so due to others high opinions and about 18hrs of reading reviews (Im on a 24 hr shift) I have decided that I WANT ONE! now i just have to see if i can get both barrels.......................... :D 8) :wink:
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    I dont think you will be disappointed in the p-22 its really a nice gun, My wife "claimed" my p-22 the first time she shot it. anyhow ive got a little over 6k rounds thru mine and its by far my favorite .22 handgun..

  3. do you have the 3.4 or the 5inch i would like both.
  4. I have the 3 inch barrel P-22 and both my wife and I love it.
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    My wife has the 3.4 inch also and she loves that thing.

    She can shot it better than I, But I blame my large blank beaters.

    Heck the thing is great, we had some cheap HP rounds that didn't chamber properly but the ability of double action was great.

    If you use a QUALITY brand ammo you should have zero problems. the cheap stuff gave us a few probs. Well at first any way it is still not broke in as it is very tight.

    We have only put about 300 rds threw it so far. Have a baby and it got cold so range time has taken a back burner.

    Your wife will not be disappointed as it is a very fine shooter and recoil is about that of a BB gun.

    Good choice.