officially hooked on the mosin

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    it's official, i can't get enough of these guns. took delivery of my first one a couple of weeks ago(M38) and yesterday purchased a numbers matching M44 in the same near perfect shape that my M38 was in. Pics will be coming on saturday when I have more time to display and photograph these babies in a way that will do them justice. also just found out that there is an arms importer only 15 minutes from me that has been importing these things for years along with tons of other weapons and they've agreed to allow me to purchase direct and look over their stock in person before purchase. and yes, i do have my C&R. but thanks to you guys to turning me on to such a wonderful and history filled hobby such as collecting these mosins
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    Welcome to the sickness. I recently bought my 5th and 6th ones. I took my M44 and M38 out for the first time a couple of days ago. For $89 a piece, I'm definitely happy. I was breaking clays at 75 yards using Bulgarian surplus without having to touch the sights on either one..

    My friend took his M44 out for the first time, too, and he's hooked. His wife doesn't like him spending money on guns. But, he's retiring from our workplace in a couple of weeks, so I gave him a $100 gift card to Big5 for a retirement gift. Hmmm.... Coincidentally, $100 JUST covers the $89 purchase price on a Mosin and the $10 background check. What are the odds of THAT happening??? ;)

  3. They are fun to shoot and I love the 'boom'. My shoulder can't take the recoil so I have to get some recoil pads for mine.
  4. Same here dosanti. I bought a 91/30 ages ago but hadn't shot it much due to SKS-itis. I took it to my bosses place and put 50 rounds of Bulgy heavy ball through it. I was ok for the first 30 or so, but by the time I was done I was a little sore.

    Gotta love the way everyone turns round to see what you're shooting, when they had been ignoring the AR's, .22's and assorted handguns :) Also have to love that spray of dirt when you miss.
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    lol, yeah, they are quite a show unto themselves. Dosanti shot my AK/underfolder today, and remarked how much easier it was to shoot...
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    Mosins are the best man. I love my 91/30! I don't think the recoil is bad personally. Of course the first gun I shot was a 12 doesn't seem like much compared to that. It is awesome when you shoot it the first time at the range and everybody stops and looks like "WTF WAS THAT!?". Good times, good times.
  7. :lol: Yeah, looks like a mini-explosion. :!:
  8. Pick yourself up a couple of Turkish M1903 or M1943 8mm mausers now and you will have the best of both worlds

    Or a Yugo 24/47 8mm mauser.

    All affordable rifles, a tad bit more than the mosins and as fun to shoot.