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Oh dear...

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Well, I wanted a 995 in the worst way, and I kept getting outbid on GunBroker, or the deal fell through here at HPFF. Couldn't get one locally for a decent price, and all the gun shows were wastelands. Then a few weeks ago I bid on a couple different auctions. I won one (should have it in my hands this Friday). Yay!! Finally.

Then I won another... Whoops! Really, it was a 4 week auction and I never upped my bid. I just let it go and hoped that someone would outbid me like they had for months before. But no, I won it. Good price, sure, but now I've got 2 995's. And I'm stretching the budget to get them.

What the heck do I do with them? I've been kicking around plans for a wood stock and forend... Maybe make one tacticool... Have one set up for scope/reddot and the other strictly open sights? Sell one?

I dunno. Fine little pickle I put myself in.
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I think you should donate one to the "Broomhead Needs A 995" charity.
:whistle: I kid.

Seriously though, if you were to sell one, what price would you put on it?
Free? Free is ALWAYS a good price. I kid you again. :whistle:

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
Well, the second one is missing a few of the parts - front and rear sights, barrel shroud, magazine, lock, and sling, so I was thinking I'd just turn right around and send it home to get it worked over. Once I got it back and function tested it, I'd probably sell it for $150 - $175 or so. That would include 2 mags and whatever I get back from Hi Point.

We'll see how that all works out. Maybe I'll want to get rid of it, maybe I'll keep it... Really want a Kel Tec P32, so maybe this will go to the 'Buy a P32' fund.
I might have a buyer for you if you want, I'm in Elizabeth City.
Thanks, I'll let you know.
Keep 'em. That way you can have one with the "classic" stock, and one with the "new" stock, whether it be the ATI or the Hi-Point variant that is supposed to be out sooner or later.
I'd keep them both & use 1 as a truck/trunk gun.
I'd have to say, "Congratulations, their twins!!!!"

Seriously, I've got two 995's and a 4095. One 995 resides with my brother in Texas. The other two carbines are here with me in Montana. Keep one 995 in the house for HD/SD. Keep the other in your vehicle as a truck/trunk gun in case you need to bug out from work to your house in a SHTF situation. Also, it makes a great spur of the moment, head for the hills, relieve some steam plinker.
A buddy of mine is looking for one. If it comes back from the factory okay, he might be interested.
I'll buy it even though I already have one If no one else wants it, I live in Jacksonville NC PM me if you're interested, I wouldnt need the sights I already got an extra pair that I took mine off when I put on my ATI stock w/red dot scope.
Dunham's had them for $154 brand new on Sunday & Monday. Since I bought mine on Wednesday, I had to pay $164 for a brand new 995. It seems like the prices have really hot up. The normal price at Dunham's is $219 for the 995 and $300 for the 4095!!!!!!!
Well, that's great if a Dunhams is nearby, but here in Raleigh, you can't find them for under about $220. Most places just want to lecture you about crappy guns and try to sell you a beretta.

After shipping and transfer, I'll be in at exactly $151. Good deal considering my locale.
Yeah, Dunham's normally try to get $220 for theirs too. Every couple of weeks or so they run a special, or at least around here on them. Fortunately I didn't have to put up with any pushy up-selling salesman, the salesman didn't know much about them other than they sell a lot of them!!! You got pretty decent deals on both of them considering many gun dealers are realizing people want these Hi-Point regardless of what line of crap they try to spoon feed them, so they are jacking their prices up on them.
A buddy of mine is looking for one. If it comes back from the factory okay, he might be interested.
Here's a local 995 for sale if that's easier for your buddy. http://www.pafoa.org/forum/firearms-6/30807-wts-several-rifles.html
He lives in NJ, so that might complicate things.
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