Oh how I wish I had a Hi-Point Pistol

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  1. Holloman AFB is hosting the "Top Gun Pistol Competition" on Saturday, May 10th. I will be shooting my 1911 and possibly my 9x18 Makarov with my FIE .22LR Single Action as a BUG. One of the other guys that entered is a Lieutenant Colonel and this guy shoots $5000.00 1911's and has all the high end gear to prove his place as not only an Officer, but as a tried and true Gun Snob. I wish I had a C9, JCP .40 or a JHP .45 to show him up with.... How cool would that be?
  2. Anyone down your way willing to let you borrow or do a temp trade for the competition? I know it's short notice and all, but it might be an option. I'd let you use mine I if I were nearby. Shoots like a dream. Just the thing to tell the snobs to STFU without saying a word. :wink:

  3. I have a buddy that has a JCP .40, but he's gonna be shooting in the event as well, and we each have to bring our own guns. It's too bad too, that .40 is one hell of a sweet shooter. I should know, I was the one that sighted it in.... :p
  4. "Of all the sad words of tongue or pen,
    the saddest are these: 'It might have been.'"
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    If only there were a way to ship it there in time, but I'm flat broke and I kinda need my C9 for work, but I'm VERY tempted....
  6. IIRC, Stryker1 is back in El Paso, but he's not been answering his phone or his PM's, and he's got a C9 I know he'd let me use. Oh well, I'll just git-r-dun with my 1911 and call it good. At this point, I don't know that I have any other options. I'm just flat broke right now otherwise I'd go buy a Hi-Point just to prove the "Point"...
  7. Crap........ wish you had another week! I'd send you my 40 in a heartbeat - not sure how, but there'd have to be a way.......
  8. I have a C-9 and a 40 S&W but you are just a little far from me,and I don't have a load of rock going that direction.About 1000 miles out of route.
    Thay both break under 3 lbs.I would love to see someone with good eyes and the ability to shoot them.
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    off topic but the first thing i thought of when i saw this thread was the "i wish i were an ocsar meyer weiner" song.

  10. I was wondering who would be the first one to post that.... I didn't try to get that effect, but it just happened to sound like that and I didn't want to change the title.
  11. Well, today was the day, and the competition went well. The Lieutenant Colonel didn't shoot, he was there as the Range safety officer as we were on the old Combat Arms range, it's his range as he's the Security Forces Commander, so he had to be there to make sure we were safe.

    Anywho, going into the first round, it was me and one other person tied for the top spot, so I was feeling pretty confident. Then, we had some late comers about half way through, which was ok, cuz we only had 4 targets and there were 8 people signed up to shoot. So, I finished shooting and that round was done, no big deal...

    One of the shooters that came late was a Lieutenant, shooting a Kimber Custom 1911. Well, DAMN, there goes first place for me. This guy had skills, there's no way for me to deny that, he was an awesome shot. Only thing I didn't like about that guy is he insulted my gun, and thereby insulted me. I really effin' HATE arrogant bastards, and this guy was one so I told so. He didn't like me saying that, and I'll probably get talked to by my chain of command for saying that to the LT, but EFF HIM!!! I just wanted to slap the shat out of him, but I digress.

    Anywho, so the LT had 1st place sewn up, no biggie. I ended up taking 3rd as the 2nd place winner had 1 shot barely cutting paper from the 10 ring to the X ring and if it cut paper it counted. We were tied as far as score goes, but with that little sliver of paper, he won by 1 point. I am so damn pissed off at myself right now, and damn embarrassed at my performance today. I didn't feel good, and my shooting suffered for it. Right now I just want to beat my RIA 1911 to death with a sledge hammer, even though it wasn't the guns fault, it'd damn sure make me feel better.
  12. Shatner Primal if I would have seen this earler I would have fedEx my pistol to you so you could have beat the snot out of that cocky LT sorry to hear he threw off your shooting. You will do better next time or I WILL enlist in the Air Force and slap you :p then make you clean my C9 with a Qtip
  13. Dude, the LT didn't throw my shooting off, I had already completed my round of shooting before he started. He also got a bit cocky when we all went down range to get our targets by critizing my shooting, stance etc as if he's some sort of professional instructor. The Colonel had to take him to the side and basically tell the guy to STFU and just shoot, he was ruining the fun of the event by running his head.

    All in all, alot of factors contributed to my bad show today. I am still sick as a dog, and tired as hell cuz I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Not that it's any excuse, it just gives me more motivation to train more and shoot more rounds.

    I also need to sight my 1911 in a bit tighter. I was grouping to the left fairly consistently today....
  14. Too bad you couldn't just /jimmykick the LT to get rid of him. What a jagoff.
    Or you could have said: "someone want to stick something in the LT's mouth, my zipper's stuck?" :wink:

    Still sounds like you did pretty good. You placed in the top 3. Hope you feel better soon.

    Take care and stay safe.
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    Sorry to hear it, PS. :(
  16. Bah, no worries, I am over it now. I still get kinda pissy when I see my "prize"....

    Who the hell gives a 6x8 inch wall plaque and a damn MRE as a effin' prize at a shooting competition?!
  17. what kind of MRE was it might take it off your hands
  18. It's not a military MRE, it's a "Mil-Spec" brand commercial one. I read the package and it's not worth anything nutritionally, so that one is gonna go down in history as my first competitive shooting prize. A real Military MRE has about 3600 calories, this one only has about 900. Using it for hunting/camping food, 900 calories is just a snack, especially when I lost 15 pounds over 11 days of turkey hunting this year.
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    Something new for target practice?? I'm sure something might splatter or fly if struck by fast moving lead. just a thought.