Oh how the mighty have fallen...

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    The guy they elected on a platform of anti-corruption hard lines gets caught up in a prostitution ring. His previos woes of licensing illegals and and a smear campaign by his aids are piling up fast, prodding him to resignation. Im bringing the popcorn, whos bringing the beer and nachos as we watch this guy go down in flames?

  2. This comes as no surprise really..... and that's a true shame.

    The first question I had, and I apologize in advance....... one wonders what a $5500/hr prostitute brings to the table? I mean holy cow. I'm sure his wife is cranked and she should be out for blood now - but I'm willing to bet coffee she's more cranked about the money. "Honey, if you'd have spent like, half that amount on ME, you'd be the happiest man alive!"

    $5500........... hmmmmmm.

  3. Hmm, unless he was using public funds for his jollies, I don't think you can call this corruption. Breaking the law, yes, but not corruption.

    And I'm with Newskate, 5500?? What the heck was he getting for his money !?!?!?! :shock:
  4. For $5500 a guy should be able to take a few plane trips to Vegas, tip one over, and come back home. Everything would be legal. Corrupt? The list of corrupt politicians is certainly much longer than the non corrupt. I don't see the surprise myself. Irony? Of course, he was a DA!
  5. MAYBE HE WAS UNDERCOVER! Or maybe he was just trying to see how it all went down so he can work even harder at removing the corrupt from politics and bringing morals back! $5,500 is alot, BUT according to the news this morning, he had bought her a ticket (train or plane) both ways too, and you know a $5,500 prostitute aint flyin coach or buisness class.
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    This is what that kind of money gets you on a weekly basis in the escort world.

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    SE WI
    Actually he's apparently guilty of a Federal law on "structuring", seems it's a crime to hide the sources or recepients of money (I didn't know that!)

    Feds got on him because they thought he was hiding bribe money.

    Unknown whether they'll charge him, but the world is generally delighted to see him embarrassed.

    Apparently he's been an arrogantsanctimonious self-righteous jerk all his live, and is notorious for never cutting anyone any slack, including prostitution rings.

    He's credited with destroying the "Strong" family of mutual funds with that attitude over what turned out to be non-crimes IIRC.

    Lot of folks in NY walking around with big smiles the last few days.

    His plan to order the issuance of NY drivers licenses to illegal aliens didn't win him many friends either.

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    This is the same tool who REQUIRED New York cabbies to foot the bill for the installation of $2200 passenger "access point" computers in the back of their cabs. It was said to aide in credit card payment and provide web search and GPS info for the passenger.

    But, get this: The DRIVER couldn't use the GPS or other computer functions. It was only for the passenger! Also, it wasn't a secured network system, but a cheap contracted touch screen affair with a shell OS built on a Windows XP system that became a local hobby to hack.

    And, if you didn't shell out the cash to install it on your hack, your medallion got revoked.

    A ton of drivers went on strike, and the good leader just cleared to have all striker's medallions reissued to other potential applicaints.

    As a former cab driver, he just irked me.
  9. Wow neo, that's pretty messed up! I wonder if this guy ever got any union support after something like that.
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    I think it is funny that he was one of the biggest opponents to Grand Theft Auto III (the video game) when it first came out. He was quoted as saying something to the effect of 'in this game you can rob, kill - even have sex with a prostitute, it's horrible'.
    That's not an exact quote - but that's the gist.
  11. Ahh, he was one of those anti-gaming guys as well, huh? I can't stand those people :p
  12. Everybody got something.

    Clinton, McCain, Obama... everyone. It's just a matter of finding it out.
  13. well he did break the fedral law about transporting a person across state lines for the act of prostitution. A federal crime.

    when you take that along with the fact that he has busted so many prostitution rings in NY. talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    hope he can get at least as much as he has given others.
  14. i personally think that if he uses his own money and on his own time
    without jeopardizing his office and/or our country...then it was his own business. if you expect perfection from the people you elect, you are in for a letdown.
  15. Well since he made a name for him self by busting prostitution rings...\
    Also I don't care if it's unfair when you make, enforce or preside over the law you SHOULD be held to a higher standard. If you break the law you should get the book thrown at you. If the people in charge can't be bothered to obey the law then the system is worthless.
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    24 hours after break-up, knock that bottom out!
  17. For 5500, that stuff better come accompanied by a damn laser light show and a live band.
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    + a limo, all drinks included, all you can eat buffet, frequent flier miles, free oil change, massages, laundry/dryclean, VD insurance, towel service, souveniers, on site child care, AND STOCKED FRIDGE!
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    Some politicians are hypocritical philanderers. Some 22 year old,still wet behind the ears, girls are whores and the twain shall always meet.