Oh how they HATE us!!!

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  1. Challenger76

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    Lmao! I've been browsing lots of gun forums and I find it funny, and a bit amusing, at how much Hi Point HATE there is out there! So far I love my .40, sure it's heavy, bulky, and cosmetically challenged, but it's a great solid pistol and the price and warranty can't be beat. So why all the hate? I could go buy a nice 1911 or an HK right now but I guess I don't see the point. Anyone else experiencing the HPH (hi point hate)?:cool:
  2. Simple, you did not pay over $400 for your gun.

  3. bluharley

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    I've been on HD forums getting advice on a tire. I was looking at off brands like Shinko and Kenda because the are half the price of main brand tires. I got hammered. I made this comment about HiPoint:
    "It's like guns. Most gun guys sneer at HiPoint because they are so cheap to buy, but they go bang every time, and they hit what you point at, and they are indestructible. Same with tires I guess."
    And I got this reply:
    "If all I could shoot was a hi point, I'd be a pacifist. Lol. I don't care if it "works." It also has to feel good, do certain things well, and be pleasing aesthetically. Else we'd all be driving vw beetles and riding 2 stroke Jawas...."
    So one more hater.
  4. Challenger76

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    I've always wanted a beetle actually hahahaha! Cruising the beetle with "cheap" tires and my hi point on my side. Life is good. :D
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    I thought the same thing! I'd love to have an old beetle with the 1600 in the back!
  6. Challenger76

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    I paid $400. For my Sig and I still love my hi point equally. Lol. I just a Jimenez 9mm today too so I guess I'm really doing extra bad Lmao.
  7. When I told my shooting buddies I wanted a Hi Point carbine, I received sneers and jeers.
    One of the group then quietly told me he had two Hi Points but would never bring them to the range.
    I got my 995 and have been taking it to every range trip since.
    Two of the guys are now in the market for Hi Points of their own.
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    well i paid $150 for a COLT 32 s&w nickle plated w/ pearl grips does that make a colt trash, hell no its not what a gun cost but how they preforms is the way i look at it.
  9. undeRGRound

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    The guy (RINO1) is a moron. At least one of the others gave reasons to NOT buy the Kenda Kruz tires, and they were tire related. I almost registered to tell him he was a moron, but I also had the mean idea of using the screen name of "Sick Pup" and figured I better not ;)
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    Comparing tires to guns is kind of a bit different lol. I've ridden tons of street tires and admit that I actually prefer shinko dual sport tires to expensive ones because they slide predictably on the street...the street tires do too which is no bueno on something you mind crashing lol, well unless you run them way under pressured but then they last no time.

    Besides if you have a cyclegear close by you can get something like a dunlop d404 for cheaper than your harley dealer will sell you crappy tires, and only charge you $30 for m&b but you have to take if off the bike.

    Spent quite a few years in the parts and accessories industry, I would literally sell a kinda ok name brand tire at cost before I let anyone leave my store with an elcheapo that I know has sub-standard grip and handling compared to its expected life.

    I would compare tires to something like optics, they are a part of a whole, and if the whole, can make it better or worse....usually mid-range stuff where the value is at, cheapest you can find will be a weak link, top of the line usually isn't noticeable better than mid-range.
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  11. bluharley

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    Well, I hate the 402's, they always feel like they are about to slide out from under me. the point I was making was I don't believe I have to spend $150 to get a decent tire. I poke around town on my bike, that's about it these days. A member sold me a Dunlop Elite 3 for $80 + $20 shipping! What a deal.
  12. tim

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    I was on several Facebook Hi Point groups & they were always getting attacked by haters, everyone called them trolls. I really don't get it, I've got everything from a Glock, Colt, Walther, S&W, etc.. & I've got 3 Hi Points. I just can't understand how all you have to do is mention one & how some people react. I can respect anyone's choice, be it cars, music or guns. People are just plain weird!
  13. 0311

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    The other forums I hang out on are not very Hi-Point friendly. So I usually refrain from starting any threads about these guns. I will chime in if someone else starts any discussion.
    Why these guys are such snobs is beyond me, They want you to think they only buy the best or most expensive of anything, not just guns.
    Lucky for us we have this forum. In the short time I have been a member here, I find that most here are civil, & have the same interest in these great fire arms. There a few egotistical morons here that tend to be very arrogant, but I take their opinions with a grain of salt.
    Guess the best we can do is try to talk our friends & neighbors into at least trying a H-Point. EVERYONE That has shot my Hi-Points have admitted that they like them. The first long gun I purchased ( Except for hunting guns ), was a 9mm carbine. Not much more fun than blowing a few boxes of cheap 9's with friends & watching their faces light up.
    Going to pick up a 380 tomorrow. I probably won't stop till I have one of each.
  14. RedRaptor22

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    Yeah I used to sell the mess out of those, between that and the metzler 880 you cant go wrong, but yeah I know what your saying. Just cautioning against the shinko street tires, the ds tires are kinda awesome but slippery as frog boogers on the street like all the rest of their tires.

    Dunlop d404s are about the same price, and grip better than the more expensive 402, the 402 is steel belted where the 404 is nylon so its not as hard, downside is faster wearing, I've even run a few front tires on the dirty bike with the rear flipped around for doing some track days at the kart track...did pretty good.
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  15. ajole

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    NE Utah
    There are tires that are crap. I went from Dunlop to some off brand...they'd slide every time I downshifted, at any speed.:rolleyes:

    But the price isn't "always" indicative of the quality.;)

    I just got some Atturo tires on my pickup, under $350 per axle for 17X8. They seem good so far.
  16. RedRaptor22

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    Its the same mentality as people who drive german cars and land rovers and such, their junk is always having trouble and costing them tons of money to keep it going, but its good because its expensive and over-engineered, unlike a 98 honda civic or 93 toyota 4x4 that just won't die.
  17. planosteve

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    One of each like Macho :eek: or just one of each current production:D?
  18. Challenger76

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    When I said I also own a Jimenez I really got executed!:eek:
  19. cicpup

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    Just don't spell it like me and we won't have a problem.
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    I have an old heavy TourGlide, I was cautioned about the 404. But I think they were concerned about riding 2 up loaded on the highway. That's not me, so the 404 might have been just fine. Another member said he hates the 402 also, but loves the E3, so I guess I'll find out.