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Oh how you fail so hard.

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So I walk into work, normal day. But after what happened, it was kinda impossible to have a bad day there. All seem normal, slow day people just kinda sitting around cause there's nothing to do. (flashback time). For about a year, until this past Monday, a guy worked there that everyone really disliked. Lazy, good for nothing, unreliable, will sit there while you work then call you lazy when you don't help him with something. Surprising how he somehow was employed there for a long as he was. They finally got rid of him. Well, most of us are sitting at the counter up front cause there is NOTHING to do and were all bored starting at each other. Well a lady walks in the store, and asks for Chris there warehouse manager. Nothing to think of, some customer that had a problem with something wanted to speak with the manager. No........... It was the guys mom to come chew the manager out for firing her son. Saying things like he fired him cause he don't like him and all that kinda stuff. I have no clue how the manager was able to hold back from laughing. I would have laughed in her face. I can see why the guy was the way he was. Your 24 and having you mommy take care of things for you...... Yeah. FAIL
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It a family FAIL Id say.
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