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  1. Jeremiah

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    I want a .40 Cal Hi-Point carbine, but I also want the pretty ATI stock. Email exchange to ATI:
    Are there any plans for making a Hi-Point Stock .40 Carbine Replacement Stock?"

    "We do not have any plans at this time for a .40 Hi-Point stock. I will pass
    along your request to R & D department.



    No plans? Bummer. Maybe it'll give ATI time to figure out how to get extra ammo clips to fit in the stock :lol: Wouldn't that be nice?
  2. Welcome to the forum. The reason that has been passed around here is that they didnt make the profit that they thought they were going to make on the 995 so they have not and more than likely will not make on for the 4095????

    From the words of some Hi Point is making a new set of stocks for all carbines????

  3. Ric_in_OR

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    I felt the same way. I called ATI on their 800 number and added my name to the list of people making the same request.
  4. You guys should see the stock that Hi-Point is planning to release sometime around summer. Puts the ATI stock to shame IMHO :)
  5. The OEM Hi-Point stock is plenty fine. ATI's creation seems just to fluffy to me and lots' of folks have had trouble with it. Eye of the beholder I guess.
  6. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I don't like the Cx4 look of it, too geared to wanting to make the rifle look civil.

    I want my weapon to be tactical.
  7. cheeseburger

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    OC NC
    I like the looks of the ATI much better and the new HP stock is also good looking. The HP stock stock to me anyway is hideous.
  8. I call it the "Frankenstock"!