Ohio (anybody who's willing to travel) Hi-Point owners

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    OK, I figured I might as well make this its own thread since there seems to be a little interest in the concept. Here's what's on the table:
    Ohio HP owners get together (anybody/everybody is welcome)
    When - Possible dates:
    Saturday or Sunday from the weekend of 8/24
    Saturday or Sunday from the weekend of 8/31
    any day from the second or third weekend in September.

    Where - TBD
    Ideally some place where we don't have to worry about liability. However, if someone knows where we could find a gun club or gun range that would allow us to shoot for a no to reduced rate fee, that's somewhere that's centrally located so everybody can show. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    What: Just a get together with a bunch of fun people & have some friendly shooting competitions.

    Maybe have lunch.

    My guess is if we go for a range, it will cost a little. Hopefully people won't mind if we ask for a reasonable donation, to cover any range and/or food costs.

    As stated in the other thread, I'm going to write the site advertisers, to see if they'd be willing to donate some stuff we could use as prizes and/or gift bags for everybody who shows up. Stickers, shirts, hats, products, accessories, whatever (should any of you are reading this).

    If this gains traction, maybe we can talk about some events and stuff, for both men & women.

    Let me know
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    No such place exists... By hosting the event your are legally liable for things that happen to an extent. That is why you see almost anything and everything now has a waiver and such you have to agree to. Anyplace that does not you can pretty much be sure there is a nice large liability insurance policy in play.

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    I live in Pittsburgh pa. I'd be willing to travel a bit. Not too far into the state cause my truck has 170,000 miles and I don't wanna push her too far from home! My in laws live near Youngstown/boardman. We travel there from time to time. I'm down dude! I can scrape up some extra $$ for a hotel room for me n wifey. (Can't tolerate my mother in law for more than an hour or so or I'd stay there) if it's on a weekend I'm up for it for sure!

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  4. I am up for any excuse to get of the Peoples Republic of NJ. I am planing a trip back to MI soon hopefully, got to go see one last Red Wings game in the Joe before they demolish it.
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    Not to hijack the thread, but when are they taking down The Joe?
  6. bws, you should post in meet & greet.

    I would be interested.
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    Well, hopefully the mods could move this over to the meet & greet forum (it would be much appreciated).

    I guess the ideal place would be somewhere close to Columbus. I'm up in the extreme nw corner, south of Bowling Green, so I'm going to beg for a little help from the folks in and around the Columbus area.

    Assuming we can gain some traction here, I do have one sponsor signed up, to donate one of their products as a prize.