Ohio......Factory store?

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  1. Tchort

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    I looked but didnt find anything on this.

    Im in fremont ohio for a couple days. Does hi point have a factory store? Several manufatures have stores at the plant or right near it. If there was one in Mansfield, I would drive down.

    Did see Rural King in Fremont has plenty of hi points.
  2. lklawson

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    Sadly, no.

    Peace favor your sword,

  3. panoz77

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    They may let you "tour" their facility, you could call and ask first.
  4. HiPointArmorer

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    Yea right, you might have to have the "golden ticket" first!
  5. MachoMelvin

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    I have asked 3 different times to 3 different people, but all I get is they will get back to me?
  6. panoz77

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    In the past, I have heard of people dropping by and being let in. Maybe things have changed now.
  7. MachoMelvin

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    There was a post a few months ago, where a guy took his gun to the plant for repairs. A armed guard stopped him before he got out of his car. He called in to the plant & they let him in & warned him to never come back! They did fix his gun before he left? Just what I recalled?
  8. panoz77

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    That is why I said to call first, worst they can say is no.
  9. HiPointArmorer

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    Its an ATF thing, unless an employee of the company it may be illegal for them to let you in the building. Its not worth the risk for them.
  10. mn_doggie

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    I'd need to see the specific ATF rule/reg to believe that.

    It's more likely an insurance requirement.
  11. j_inmon

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    Thought about taking the tour, but umpa lumpas really freak me out.
  12. I can speak from personal experience here.

    They do not allow anyone not an employee even on the property. They WILL come out and meet your car. They will be very polite but pointed that you must leave.

    They do not have a "storefront", aren't insured for visitors and did tell me that ATF regulations don't allow even visitors.
  13. Maybe insurance. But I know Beretta and keltec give factory tours from time to time.
  14. SWAGA

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    That sounds a little off.
    Do you have a reference of a link to that.

    Why wouldn't you be able to your a gun company?
    Stealing blank receivers ?
  15. I'm sure it's one thing to give a scheduled tour and another to just give a walk-in a tour.
  16. When i spoke to a specific guy on a few separate occasions he told me that they do not allow people on the property, but are considering making an online video tour of the company available to the public.
  17. outthere

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    The insurance thing sounds reasonable. Frankly, is it worth it to them in today's world? You might be some gun hater with a hidden camera or something.

    Not saying you are or anything.....:)
  18. RobbK

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    I feel terrible for you though the Haunted Hydro is pretty cool.
    Sadly no factory store for mom
  19. AS6

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    Some years back, I lived next door to the Sales director of Freedom Arms. He took me on a tour of the factory. It was quite enjoyable and informative. The Casull is one of the few whose grip is large enough to fit my hands.
  20. cicpup

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    You OK buddy? Low sugar level? Minor stroke? Worried about you.