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  1. Facebook changed their laws and you are no longer allowed to sell firearms. This totally bummed me out. I was on there all the time buying, selling and trading it was fun and totally legal. So any way I found this site the other day and just thought I would share it.

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    Yeah we have a big thread on the Facebook thing

  3. When a thread has multiple pages I'm to lazy to read it
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    And I was too lazy to look it up for you....we're doomed :(
  5. I don;t use Facebook at all, for anything. I've used armslist for my gun activity.

    Thanks for this site.

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    Facebook has LAWS now?! We are so ruined....
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    I just checked that web site to see what the asking prices were. What I found kind of turned me off:

    "Trade HiPoint 9mm For Trade In Toledo $199". This inner city guy wants to trade, but if nothing comes up that he would want to trade for, He'd sell it outright instead. It says that he really needs to make sure that he keeps at one least one home.
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    Friggin' Zucktator :mad: Dickerberg :rofl:

    Gotta be a carbine, or the FTF market is higher? :confused:
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    I've tried Armslist multiple times. 99.99% of sellers think their guns are made of platinum and dipped in gold. They ignore me or become insulted when their stratospheric pricetag is counter-offered. Had one guy who listed a reasonable (but not great) price on an ancient .22 plinker and then no-showed at the meetup and never returned the call.

    Armslist sucks. I get better deals at Mom & Pop LGS's and even GunBroker!

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