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    Ohio Carry is having a legal seminar at Gun Envy in Columbus this saturday at 9am. They'll be going over firearms laws and whatnot for Ohio. It's presented by Barney Debrosse, an NFA trust lawyer in Ohio, and costs $30 to attend. For those that'll balk at that, $30 is cheaper than having to hire a lawyer afterwards to tell me I've screwed up on something.

    After the seminar, they'll be having a Q&A session, and I've been writing down a few questions I've been thinking of since I took my CCW class(had Ken Hanson do a 2 hour presentation during my class).
    So far the questions I've got are:
    How would a trigger job(lighter pull) on your CCW pistol affect you legally in a self defense situation?

    Would we be able to use an AR/AK pistol as a CCW in our vehicle? Ken's answer was that I'd have an expensive time in court trying to legally define them as a handgun. I'm gonna ask this guy and see if he says the same thing, or if he might have an idea on the legalities of those pistols.

    What are the legalities of using a suppressor on a home defense firearm?

    How will constitutional carry affect what we can have loaded for use in our vehicles? i.e. Will we be able to load an AR rifle up and carry it in the car, or will it still be relegated to handguns?

    my last question will be on the process of setting an NFA trust up with his law firm; How much will one cost? Do we need to buy an NFA item before we can set one up, or can we set one up and then use it when we do buy an NFA item?

    For those that can't attend, if you'd like any questions answered for you, let me know and I'll try to get them answered for you during the Q&A session and post them here.
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    Here if you have a CCW you can have any legal gun loaded in your vehicles. AR pistols are pistols and you can carry one concealed if you have a CCW along with ninja gear or what ever. CCW is for any weapon legal to own you can carry it. They fixed the law so people could understand it even us LEO'S can understand it. ;-)

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    our CCW only extends to handguns, which is why Ken said it would be an expensive court battle trying to define them as pistol/handgun.
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    Respectfully, he's wrong.

    Take them a print-out of Federal Legal Definitions direct from the ATF website:

    18 U.S. Code § 921 - Definitions
    (7) The term “rifle” means a weapon designed or redesigned, made or remade, and intended to be fired from the shoulder and designed or redesigned and made or remade to use the energy of an explosive to fire only a single projectile through a rifled bore for each single pull of the trigger.
    (8) The term “short-barreled rifle” means a rifle having one or more barrels less than sixteen inches in length and any weapon made from a rifle (whether by alteration, modification, or otherwise) if such weapon, as modified, has an overall length of less than twenty-six inches.
    (29) The term “handgun” means—
    (A) a firearm which has a short stock and is designed to be held and fired by the use of a single hand; and
    (B) any combination of parts from which a firearm described in subparagraph (A) can be assembled. ​

    So, if it didn't start off life with a bbl of greater than 16 inches (and OAL >26"), if it doesn't have a shoulder stock, if it is "designed to be held and fired by the use of a single hand" then, according to FEDERAL LAW, it's a handgun.

    When you fill out your FFL Transfer form 4473, if the ATF says it's a handgun, then legally it's a handgun. It's really pretty simple.

    I think that the estimable Mr. Hanson is working from an over-abundance of caution.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    It did seem more like a non-answer than an answer.