Oil Non-Crisis

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  1. Oil Non-Crisis

    Any one see this? Never heard of the fellow so no data.

    [ seriously...... never heard of him, not trying to start a war here, just looking for some background / perspective ] :lol:
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    He sounds like a minister. Break out the note pad and play tic-tac-toe kids...

    I have neighborers who have oil wells and tanks full of oil they cant sell, the companies won't buy it from local Americans, ask around. Look at they oil pumps near you, they still have oil but the pumps are stopped. WTF?

    Edit: After listening to it for a few more minutes he calls himself "chaplain" several times.

  3. He was a chaplain for the oil fiends from what he said

    I do not know if his story is true or not, but it would not surprise me at all.
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    wouldn't surprise me either. everyone should know by now that we intend to run them out of oil first. Hopefully Russia after that. It's still going to take a very long time for that to happen. We just have to be willing to pay high prices. Dude is right though, there is a boat load of oil beneath Alaska
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    This is one of the reasons Canada is kept in high regard with the rest of the "Commonwealth": They know how to manage resources, and I can assure you Canada has taken a similiar path of storehouse tactics with their reserves of not only Oil, but other resources.
  6. Yep, we have lots of oil here in the states, even the big oil companies don't argue that. What we lack is infasructure to get it to refieneries and we lack refinery capacity. The billion cubic feet of natural gas they pump back down is being pumped down so it is not wasted (reserves) because there is not a effecent way of moving it to where it is needed, and nobody is willing/able to build a pipelin sufficent to move it. (those that have the money are not willing, and those that are willing do not have the money) The current price of oil is being caused by speculators, not the oil companies. (trust me, if you have any money in oil futurs, get out now!) if the oil companies could cut the price of gas in half right now they would (they would make more money because they would sell more gas).

    Oh and Neo, I hate to tell you this, but Canada is selling everything they can possibly sell. Did you know we import more crude oil, gas, and diesel from canada then the entire middle east combined? The only reason it hasn't bit them on the butt is that they do have vast resources to call on.
  7. 42" natural gas line coming from Canada through the mid West heading to Ohio And Pa. A crude oil line will be coming soon to Ill.By way of Neb. and Kansas,with a spur going to Cushing (not sure on the spelling) Oklahoma.
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    A very interesting topic.
    And its not political, so lets keep it that way :)