OK 995 experts--Speak up!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Pud, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Pud

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    In a previous post, I discussed my newly ordered 995 with the finish "problem"...which ended up NOT being a problem.
    Anyway, I took the beast out for it's first firing today.....and had a "hiccup" take place.
    I had fired quite a few rounds, through all three of the factory mags that came with my 995.
    No problems, NONE. :D

    Then, I swear the last round in the mag, and I was finished....That round failed to feed...it got hung up somehow.
    All the rounds were Remington UMC 115 gr.
    I got the round out, dropped the mag, and put it back in the mag(the one round by itself). I was determined to try and duplicate what happened.

    I pulled back the charging handle, let it go...and the charging handle stayed back...AND STAYED STUCK!!! :shock:
    The round did not chamber, because the handle did not move forward...I got the round out, and it took me about 5 minutes of yanking forward on the charging handle to get it to go forward again!
    And, it was NOT because the bolt head was "in the groove" to hold it back either.

    I played with it a few minutes racking the handle back and forth, then tried the whole excercise again...round chambered, and fired fine! :?

    By the way, I DID clean the gun before its first shooting...and you can bet your sweet bippy I hit it big time with Gun Scrubber and Break Free when I got home!!!

    Any ideas what may have happened guys??
    Appreciate any opinions....Just when I was thinking "Ahh...I got a good un"...
    it does that!
  2. Thats got to be frustrating man. Im sure one of the boys will have some ideas...

  3. Thayldt21

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    I have a 4095 and I cannot think of anything that could cause that.

    I am very curiouse as to what ad caused this myself.

    any chance that some sort of loose trash of some sort made it's way in there.

    Or the grimlin got you. good luck.
  4. Bent firing pin comes to mind as my first guess
  5. Voyager Al

    Voyager Al Member

    same happened to me, and I found a bent firing pin. Got a replacement, put it in, and about 100 rounds later, the same thing! Sent it back to the factory. It came back with a new firing assembly, and has been perfect since!!!
  6. Take that bad boy down and check the firing pin. That's the first thing you should check. If it doesn't appear to be bent, try shooting it a few more times before you send it back. If you can re-create that problem more than 3 times, it's something that Hi-Point should know about.
  7. Pud

    Pud Guest

    A bent firing pin!
    On it's first day out! Please do not be!
    I am already NOT a happy camper! :twisted:
  8. Maverick

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    That is a odd problem.

    I would call HP and talk with a tech. As they will be able to help you diagnose the problem on the phone. If you should need any parts, they can send them out right then.
  9. You know, i recall having a problem like that when i first got my 995. After I Pulled out the round, i put a fresh mag in. I worked the action open, and never had a problem since.
  10. JasonJ

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    if its a BRAND NEW weapon.. you may want to polish up the feed ramp and work the action a few hundred times.

    these weapons DO need a good break-in before operating 100%.
  11. +1 to what Jason said. Don't tear it down until it does the same thing at least 3 times. That way you know if you have a problem. If it doesn't do it again, don't worry about it until it does, simple as that.
  12. Pud

    Pud Guest

    Well guys...Being as the NEW 995 DID fire after I got the charging handle moved forward--I am going to wait and try it again before I make a panicked call to Hi-Point.

    Maybe it was just a "fluke"...will see how it does next time out.
    I probably won't get a chance to try again before the weekend, I will be sure to let you folks know what happens.
    I REALLY hope it was just a "hiccup"! :?
    Thanks for all the advice!
  13. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    My firing pin was bent from the factory.

    They sent me another couple of pins and springs, but I got impatient to shoot it, so I just bent it straight. Never did install another pin. It got bent again yesterday when I went shooting, and was having trouble ejecting rounds after they fired (still fired every time). I just bent the pin straight again, and it worked fine. I'm considering looking for those pins and putting a fresh one in though.
  14. They need to make the pins out of "AHEM" some other kind of metal :D
  15. Yeah, thats it :D

    Seriously, that is the only real flaw to the Hi Point set up, the firing pin acts as the ejector, and it is a full length exposure when it does, so any empty casing that catches funny on the way out and has to be pushed out hard is liable to bend the pin.

    Not that big a deal, just get a couple of spares and they are very easy to change out, or like another poster said, you can bend them straight again and keep firing them.

    Just make sure you get it good and straight because otherwise it will start making the firing pin hole in the slide bigger every time it forces its way through the hole
  16. Pud

    Pud Guest


    OK guys,
    sorry I have not let you know how my 995 was doing---actually, TODAY was the first chance I've had to shoot it since posting my "problem"!!

    Anyhow...I put a couple of boxes of ammo through it today, and had NO PROBLEMS!....zilch. :lol:

    At this point, I'm gonna' ASSUME my original issue was just a glitch--don't know why, but hopefully it is OK.

    I had cleaned it completely after the malfunction, maybe I missed something in my pre-first time out cleaning...I have used the exact same ammo since I started shooting it(Remington UMC...hey, you can get a case of 500 rounds at your local Dicks Sporting Goods for only $69.00... :) )

    So, I hope it was just a fluke---for now, I am a happy camper!
    Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated!!
  17. mine was doing something similar but no to the extent yours was....mine would fire all the rounds in the clip but every now and then it will like half way load the last round or not load it at all and ill have to take the mag out and the round will fall out as a result of not being chambered....any ideas???
  18. Probably just a burr, or rough spot,give it about 200 rounds and I think you will be pleasantly suprised! :)