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    I am considering a Mosin Nagant. I have seen many of you have them. I saw a couple a few weeks ago at a show. The price was only $99. So that is what made me decide to buy one. I am not familiar that much with them.All I know is they were built for the red army. What I need to know is what to look out for, and anything else I might need to know to negotiate a good price on one. Anything special I need to get with one.
  2. Mosins are cute and all, and of course incredibly cheap. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Judging by your signature, you don't have any bolt actions at all. If I were you, I'd much rather spend the money on something with a little more function. You can pick up a Howa in .308 at Wal-Mart for $280, brand new. No corrosive ammo to deal with, or deal with the ramifications of. It's a Sub-MOA gun right out of the box. Just a thought, not my intention to come off as a gun snob. It just seems like a Mosin is good when you have a few good guns and just want something to play with and not care about hurting.

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    Actually, I think the Mosin-Nagant is an EXCELLENT and well built longarm! Corrosive ammo is hardly an issue if you clean your gun. Alot of people freak out about it, but they don't realize that "corrosive" ammo becomes a problem only if you don't clean the gun for a few thousand rounds over the span of a few weeks or if you're fighting in harsh environments. If you're REALLY worried about it, take a bottle of windex or other ammonia based cleaner and shoot a squirt or two down the barrel before taking it home. The ammonia will neutralize many of the corrosive compounds and leave the gun easy to clean!

    The ammo is still rather cheap, it's a VERY accurate shot, and the build is nothing short of amazing. Typical early 20th century Soviet build quality!! I say do not hesitate to pick up more of these, since there are a limited number of these guns out there. Sure, they're cheap now (I can still pick up as many M44's and 91/30's I like for as cheap as $50 from J and G), but so were Chinese SKS's back in the early 90's.
  4. My MN 91/30 with the 3rd gun I bought and I LOVE it! I enjoyed re-doing the wood and getting her all new looking. If you live near a Dunham's go there! THey have great prices on them. My buddy and I bought at the same time mine is great but the bolt face on his was off center. I plan on grabbing a pack of snap caps to take with before I grab another to be sure it fits before I get home. Look at the links stickied at the top of this forum, they are a big help.

    Oh and buy a butt pad! I only fired 23 rounds my first time out w/o one and I had the bruse for clost to 3 weeks.

    I was worth it though!
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    Yeah memories of the early 90's is what kindda pushed me into wanting one of these. I sold my sks in 98 and now look at the price. I only gave $129 for mine when I bought it and it was a numbers matching weapon and had a drop dead gorgeous stock on it.
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    I am in the process of reading them now. Deathpenalty you give excellent advice for most people. I have several other lever and bolt action rifles in the gun room. I just don't have room in my sig to list everything. The ones listed are the ones I most commonly use. I have the british .308. I was wanting a MN to compliment my collection. I am really going to go crazy buying firearms when our house is finished.
  7. You get what you pay for, get the nicest rifle you can afford if you intend to keep it.

    And of course, with a weapon that is around 60 years old, it is best to check the head space or have it checked to be safe before you shoot it.
  8. I have 2 MNs. I payed 130 each for them. You can get them for cheaper, but I didn't know that at the time. They were my first two gun. They have a bid of nicks on the stocks. But that is what drew them to me. I love them, and would not trade them for anything. Well...................maybe there are sooooome things I would. But yeah. They are great.
  9. Me and primal would hammer a 3x3 steal plate at 200 yards all day long off the iron sights. Not bad of an old war relic. Worried about corrosive ammo? Just shoot the wold black box, we used to buy it from a local gun shop for $5/20rnds. I shoot corrosive ammo, and just keep a pack of the windex wipes in my range bag and use them like a patch and pull through the barrel before I even leave the range since it takes all of 2 minutes while I smoke a cig. A mosin is a damn good purchase. It's a tank of a rifle, can take abuse better then most other rifles, as that is what it was built for, and that wonder 7.62x54R cartridge is not only wonderfully accurate, but packs a wallop when it meets the back stop.
  10. I have 4 MNs and love them all. I have more expencive guns too. but you will look a long time to find a better gun at any price. I have a M44, a M91, a M91\30 and a M53. the most I have paid for one is 79.99.
    if you have a big five around you check them out I got two of my guns there and they are sweet, they are matched numbers and in great shape and shoot like a dream. do what you want but I intend to get some more of them myself, there are so many different models to choose from.
  11. I have not shot my MN yet so please take that into consideration when I ask the following question. Why do people say they kick so hard? As far as I can tell the 7.62x54R is just about identical to a 30-06 and they don't seem to batter ones shoulder. Again, just a MN noob asking what is maybe a dumb question. Won't be long and the range will be open and I'll be blasting my MN and get to feel the thunder for myself.
  12. Im not sure if its the size of the person firing the weapon or what, Im a big guy and have 2 MN 91/30's, a M38 and a M44 and I shoot at least a hundred rounds when I take one to the range (why get the gun dirty if you aint gonna shoot some rounds!) and never have a sore shoulder afterwards.

    Now 10 - 12 gauge 3 inch magnum #00 shells, THAT leaves a sore shoulder LOL
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    by the numbers, the recoil of the MN is faster and hits with more newtons of force than a 30-06.

    i foudn somewhere that listed it, its a couple ft/s faster on the recoil and hits with abotu 15% more force.

    personally, i ALWAYS have a sore shoulder for at least a day when firing the MN. im not huge, 5'9" 165lbs.. slender frame. i dont exactly have alot of meat on my shoulder to butt up against the rifle.. so yeah, it hurts.

    there i said it, im a wuss.. The Mosin-Nagant hurts to shoot for more than 20 rounds.
  14. Jason Im 6'1 300 lbs, I would trade you LOL

    But that is one thing the bulk comes in good for, it isnt as hard on me as far as the recoil.

    I have some milsurp 8mm mausers, and I am the same with them, if I take one out I take at least 100 rds to shoot.
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    Is there a particular model that is preferred? I have seen so many in the last few hours .
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    The M38 is pretty cool and a little harder to find then the M44. If I was going to get another I would have to look at the Finnish M39. But that will be way more then $100.. But some great history! You could also look for a 91/30 that is prewar and see if you can find one with the red sights on the gun, this is pretty cool.

    For a little history the first of the Mosins were built for the Czars army.
  17. Something else to consider is that you're talking a heavy wood stock with a metal buttplate. Toss a recoil pad on the thing if it's an issue. I have had a sore shoulder after shooting 5-6 boxes (100-120rounds) though mine, but nothing that was worse then getting one solid punch to the shoulder from a buddy.
  18. Yeah, I would say that metal butt pad VS rubber butt pad really has something to do what it. I usually shoot it with the slip on butt pads. But sometimes I am feeling a little masochistic, and take the pads off. Mainly the n44 cause it has more kick. And the wimps at the range look at me and cringe where the metal meets the shoulder.
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    I have to add my .03 cents here....
    Shot my friends MN: and yeah, it had a kick.
    I have shot SKS, AKs, and that MN def had a kick, sorta like a C1A1: .308

    My norinco SKS had a Monte Carlo stock on it when I got it, and I shot hundereds of rouinds through that..I hated how it looked, and got a donation from a member here, for a Yugo stock: Last time I went out with it: I was happy shooting THAT, vs my AR, which I went hollywood and tried to put as much on that lil' AR as I could...

    And, I regret to say: I have NOT shot my M44 yet, but its in the works....and I am not worried about it at all.
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    I think the Mosin is probably the best deal for the money. And they're PLENTY accurate! I wouldn't hesitate to make a 400+ yd shot with a scope if I were hunting with it. It's not going to shoot quarter-sized groups at that distance, but then, neither am I.

    I've got two on the way from Centerfire Systems that I got for $45 each. Should be here tomorrow.

    I too don't understand what the big deal is with the recoil. It's more of a push than a kick, and it's less than a 12-gauge... 15% more than a 30-06? Maybe, but come on, it's 15%! I can't really feel much difference. I'm 5'11, 135 lbs soaking wet. The recoil is not bad. My little wife has no problem shooting it, and she's not the most experienced shooter--especially with high-recoil rifles.

    ...Oh, and this is the M44.