OK folks drool!

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    I WANT ONE....................................................

  3. Saw this a couple months ago, future weapons maybe...not sure but remember how frickin cool it is. Would loooove one.
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    It was posted on the old forum
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    I'll take 3, lol
  6. saw that thing on future weapons. I remembered him saying he was in NC to check it out but didn't catch where.
  7. This has been floating around for a while. I hope it shows up soon, but not until the SCOTUS rules in our favor and these become legal in full-auto.

    Now that would be a great victory for freedom, our rights, and shootin' fun :!: :) :!: :)
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    Yeah, I saw it on FutureWeapons, too. I like the idea of the recoil-reducing lug in the center, but I wonder just how reliable all those extra moving parts are in the real world. FutureWeapons is a really neat show, but they have a tendency to give overly positive one-sided reviews of the things they're featuring.
  9. Very interesting. That's a lot of firepower. I'd have to do some seriuos working out to handle that puppy!
  10. That thing is cool, not sure the wife would let me get one
  11. Dude, don't worry about it, "The Look" only lasts for a few minutes, or until she opens the box that her brand new diamond ring came in.... :wink:
  12. That is one nice gun.I would like to see that in person.
  13. wow i just found my new weapon for work.............
  14. I wonder if they make a IWB holster for it? :shock: