Ok guys, Last question. All in one video.

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  1. dankd

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    I figured i'd just make a video asking my questions and you can get a visual on what i mean. Hope this helps.
  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Yes there is play in the slide on a C9.
    As for racking it, never would you rack the slide in slow jerky motions so i don't think the noise is abnormal but the process certainly is. Pull it back and let it go, dont ride it forward.
    Do you actually have a FTF issue or does it just "look like" there might be one? Fire it, if there is an actual problem most of the time it goes away after some break-in, usually 200 rounds give or take. If not, mag tweaks have been covered plenty of times,the info is easy to find.

    If you are a perfectionist, you picked the wrong gun. Rack it properly, hold it tight when you shoot it and give it some time.

  3. Rerun

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    The first thing I see is that You are being too familiar with Your weapon - KEEP Your BOOGER HOOK OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO FIRE THE PISTOL!

    Yah, I know the magazine is out of the weapon and the slide is locked back BUT, one day, one will forget and send a round blazing somewhere when one doesn't want to.

    Good habits start now.

    Other than that, follow talon's advice. It's good stuff.

    Helpful eldar
  4. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    I didn't mention him keeping his finger on the trigger, which is dangerous and dumb, because someone would have cried that i was being mean.
  5. dankd

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    out of about 50 rounds i had 2 FTF,
    and I know I know, i just knew the guns empty. Everyone makes mistakes.
    And ok guys thanks for the help.
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    My question is what happens if it is not a standard transmission.
  7. thundercroozer

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    2 ftf out of 50 isn't a terrible problem for a new one. My first Hi Point seemed like I had ftf every other mag. The more I shot it, and of course cused at it the better it got, and I'm not sure of the round count, so I'll go along with the 200 Talon ststed, it was like I was shooting a different gun. It will eat about any ammo I can feed it.

    Now weather it was putting more rounds thru it,,, or the amount of cuss words that were heeped upon it,,, or being continualy grounded to the safe for a few weeks at a time,,, that did the trick I'm not sure,,, but it is one of my favorite range guns.
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