OK...here it is (pics)

Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by Biggunz, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Finally got the ATI stock fitting properly with a little persuasion from a round file !

    Put on a red dot I had laying around, and a bi-pod to hold her study for the pic.

    This red dot is in the mail and hopefully arrives soon. It has red and green dots. Also the cantilever mount is see thru...I'd like to figure a way to integrate the iron sights with it seeing how it has a small footprint and I may be able to have it just forward of the rear sight. I'll need some time to figure that one out !

    Oh yeah, and I'm definitly going to need a trigger and charge handle combo when available !!!
  2. Also, possible range report this friday...weather permitting (mid 60's here for past 2 days, but I am sure it will snow as soon as I open the gun safe !! ) :roll:

  3. Cool. where are you getting the scope from? I like it.
  4. stremph

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    The Aimpoint clone looks nice, but I'm interested in knowing what kind of red-dot you have mounted on it right now. Looks like a good low-mount scope. I love my BSA holo-style red dot, but it rides too high for a good cheek weld.

    BTW, where'd you order that Aimpoint clone from? Thinking about one for my AR.
  5. The aimpoint knock off came from E-Bay ($40)

    The red dot on it now is a Barska 1" - got it from Sportsmanguide.com ($14.00 includes rings)

    My big head forces my line of sight higher than that Barska, therefore I went with something a little higher, and in my opinion, a little more tactical looking. :D
  6. Looks good man let us know how that Aimpoint clone works out for you. Need a range report on that one!!!!
  7. Sweeeet! Now doesn't that feel good?