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    What is the diff between a 40 JCP and a 40 S&W? I am having a [​IMG]!!!!
  2. i think 40 JCP is what hi point call their old frame .40 S&W caliber. and 40 JHP is the new hi point frame.

  3. Exactly
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    JCP is the model for the HP .40 S&W caliber. The JHP is the model for the HP .45 ACP.

    The model #'s for the alloy frames were JC for the .40 and JH for .45. I assume the P comes in for the newer polymer frame.
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    thanks guys.
  6. i often get confuse with all the caliber name too. i still trying to remember that Luger and Nato and pallu-whatever are all the same 9mm. and i have been pretty much shooting only 9mm.
  7. parabellum... it's a little easier to remember if you know what it means translated. in latin it means "prepare for war".
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    That's exactly it.

    Mods you should look at these threads, I see quite a few "what does JHP", or "JCP" stand for in reference to the kind of bullets fired (ie. JHP is not jacketed hollow point in this instance, but often peolpe answer that it is).