OK, I'm a turncoat!

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  1. asnider123

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    Yesterday at the local gunshow I traded off my C9 and a little cash for a Beretta. I took my C9 out several times and I just didn't find it enjoyable. The way I choke up on my grip, I kept getting my thumb web bitten by the slide.

    But, hey, I still have my 995 and plan to ATI it soon, so I didn't quit HP land altogether. :lol: :lol:
  2. Joe Sixpack

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    ya i noticed my hand is very close to the slide as well, i've not fired it yet i hope i dont get bit.

    no shame.. if you got a good trade value berettas are very nice.

  3. Quick someone! Get the tar and feathers! ;)
  4. I traded my C9 for some GLOCK accessories and cash... I regret it simply because it would have been nice to have a 9mm pistol, but once I get my G19 I think my remorse will go away. Just don't trade the carbine and I won't have a beef with ya lol.
  5. First of all, let me state this:

    Never sell any of your guns. I repeat, never sell any of your guns.

    There, I feel better. Some of you guys are going to have to learn; as soon as you sell them, you'll miss them. I've had to learn this lesson about 6-7 times now, but I've finally caught on. I have three Glocks, but I'd still never get rid of my C9. It's a great shooting gun. You'll regret selling, but at least Hi-Points are inexpensive enough to buy back in at the next gun show.
  6. asnider123

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    I just kinda fell into a deal on a trade, if I had kept it my next step would have been to get a hogue finger grip. That would probably have solved that problem.
  7. Ari

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    +1 once it is mine it is mine. Unless it is something I bought just to sell.
  8. perley03

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    I have the same problem. Shot my wife's C9 the other night at the range, I feel that the frame is just too small for my hands.
    What kind of Beretta did you get? Care to post up some pics? I'm looking to buy either the PX4 .40 or a SA XD .40. Can't seem to make up my mind yet.
  9. Comming from someone that has had to sell a collection, I agree with the others, dont sell if you dont have to. Some day you will wish you still had what you sold.
  10. I traded a rare (#7 on the 1-10 rarity scale) M-N M38 for a cheap bass and amp so my 15 yr old could have a better setup. I secretly hated myself for weeks, but the look on his face and the talent that he's showing made it worthwhile.....until he traded it in for a fretless Fender Jazz bass...then I was chewing knuckles for a few days....I'm thinking of trading my lawnmower just to get it back...
  11. Trade the lawnmower Ernie, you can always buy your 15 year old a cheap sears push mower ;)
  12. perldog007

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    Agree, hold on to what you got. I have been considering trading my 1938 Colt .32. I got it when I was doing armed security and authorized to carry a BUG. It was usually carried in left front pocket as a weapon retention device. I.E. if somebody was trying to get my duty weapon I would pull the little Colt.

    Never regarded the .32 as a stopper, but before I got hurt I was a handfull. Two years of wrestling, A year of kickboxing, and over 100 scuffles in the trade.

    Now I can no longer scrap and want more from a pocket gun. Time for a .38/357. Thought about trading in that little Colt. But I will keep it. Someday (hopefully a long time off) My son will enjoy owning it.

    Hang on to them if you can. My 'Points especially. :D
  13. I have sold guns (out of neccessity not preference) and with only one exception (not a hi-point) I have been sorry I sold them. I wil NEVER NEVER NEVER sell any more of my hi-points. I may get a bigger name brand gun later on, but I won't either of my remaining hi-points.