OK--I'm voting Shatner!

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  1. Where was he when the nomination was still in contention?


    Can you say 'write-in' :?:
  2. Well (pause) that's very (pause) interesting. Maybe could have a (pause) Vulcan VP and a (pause) scottish engineer (pause) for (pause) Secretary of (pause) State. :D

  3. I.......think........it'd do the........world some......good! To......slow.......down, and.........listen to the Shat........................KHAAAAAANNNN!!!!!!!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. snorts at McCain and farts at Clinton!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw the ABC bug in the corner, what was that from?
  5. Denny Crane (Boston Legal) never lost a case.
    Capt Kirk (Star trek) never lost a fight.

    William Shatner does not play "loser" roles.
  6. My kind of president,...HONEST!!!! We could use a honest president, and why is it we judge the crap out of our presidents personal life instead of his political life. Doesn't his political life effect us more than his personal. If a president does what is right for America, I could give a crap less if he likes a dirty Las Vegas hooker. In fact I would prefer his indulgence be women instead of free trade agreements or "interpreting" the second amendment or others.
  7. captn kirk goes to work... he has my vote..
  8. When he pulled the Desert Eagle from his Attache case, I couldn't help it... I cried!!! TEARS OF JOY MY FRIENDS!!!!

    That man is the top candidate for 08!!!!
  9. wd6bgn

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    Weeellll He is as qualified as any of the others running.
    Loved it and passed it on.

    "Pull my finger." ROFLMAO
  10. THAT much is certain! :roll:
  11. Silicon Wolverine

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    He's captained a starship through neumerous encounters with alien races and fought many battles under extreme stress. piloting the monstrosity that calls itself the US governemtn should prove no problem. And when the underlings dont do what he tells them to, he can vaporize them ;)

  12. Starship captain has my vote!

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Kirk for prez and Spock for VP :dance: :clap:
  14. andrew241

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    If we had a pres candidate who fit that bill I would be a happy man.
  15. condition1

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    But not Sulu, he's getting married to a MAN soon. yuck.
  17. I propose a new THREAD RATING SYSTEM - number of responses until the thread official dives down the rat hole - or RutRho: Response Until Rat Hole.

    In this case, the RutRho would be 16! Not bad for what was supposed to be a funny video!

    [ this is NOT a comment on EQFan592's post - in no way. it's ALL in jest of course......... but I think I'll start using it, and of course, intend to contribute once in a while!!! ] :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Hey gay or straight if they can do the job better then what we got in there now I really don't care.
  19. condition1

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    I don't really care if somebody's gay since it really has no effect on me, I mean, I don't care who they f*** or why, not my business really. I just think gay marriage is weird.