OK Michiganders and close neighbors

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  1. I have 3 snowmobiles and a trailer i am looking to sell. two of the sleds are older Bombardiers made by ski-doo and one it a arcticat. One of the Bombardiers runs like a top and starts first crank every time. the other two need a little work but could be up and going for someone who has the time. I have all the parts needed and a a few spares including two extra motors! All are air cooled and oil-injected. All motors run! The trailer is a home built one with a 2in ball hitch. I will post pics soon as i can, I am asking $650 OBO. I am open to trades or any reasonable offers. If some one would like to buy the two sleds that need work with all the parts and the trailer i will sell them as a whole for $500 i will also take trades. I would like a nice 1911 or a AR for them but as i said i am open to anything at this point. Thanks -Bob

    P.S. I am willing to bring them to you or meet you part way.