OK, someone kick me in the rear

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  1. Mumbles

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    I found a used C9 at the gunshow, came with a universal holster and an extra mag for $50. I looked it over and then looked at my wife. Boy did I ever get THE LOOK :evil: . I put it down and walked away but I can't get over passing it up. Is there a support group or something for gun withdrawal? :cry:

    PS I did score an extra mag and a box of +P Golden Sabers though :wink:

  2. Yeah I will also throw a *kick at you why would you ever *kick walk away from *kick a C9 for 50 *kick damn *kick dollars *kick*kick*kick.

    lol There is a support group I believe its called another gun show!

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Definetly +1 thousand
  4. I'm just surprised on one has questioned your man hood.


    [ JK - don't EVER do that again!!!! ]
  5. Mumbles

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    Well when your wife has her hand wrapped around your "manhood" :shock: you tend to follow her lead :lol:
  6. Its a shame, you missed out of a heck of a deal :(
  7. Why cant I find a $50 C9 deal!!!

    Oh yeah.... here's a swift kick in the rear from me!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. You don't have to be kicked by me or anyone else. Passing up a great deal is something you'll punish yourself over more than necessary!
  9. KICK :wink: Ya know, the only reason I'm so good at that is because I can kick my own backside with such ease for the great deals I have had to pass up. :)
  10. You sir, need to b' slapped for passing that one up.
  11. Mike_AZ

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    Man, I don't think I could have passed that up and I already have a C-9
  12. I would not have passed it up and if I'd have received "that look" over a deal like that then she'd be sleeping on the sofa tonight.
  13. Feeling sorry for your loss. SUBDUED KICK
  14. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    Eh no biggie it was probably broken anyway, and the factory fights tooth and nail not to honor warranties, anyway :roll:
  15. unscarred

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    Hope a potential buyer, searching for info on an affordable firearm with great customer service, doesn't take that wrong.
  16. My solution, which is a defacto one, BTW -- Saturday morning:

    "Where are you going?"

    "Uh, Home Depot, an oil change, and uh umphrmuph"


    "Uh, Home Depot, an oil change, and, uh CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. Yeah, that's it"

    "OK! See you later!"

    (Checking my schedule: Huh? There's a gun show today? Whodo thunk it?)
  17. z71silverado98

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  18. This is why i love my wife she enjoys going to the gun shows almost as much as i do she always buys a ton of jerky and genrally a bunch of other stuff we dont need. but i dont argue. I am more of the conservative one if i am haveing a hard time with weather or not to purchase a weapon she will uasaully guilt trip me into it......................................... :wink:
  19. z71silverado98

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    yea i get the "just get it because you know if you dont your gonna regret when we get home...and i dont want to hear it"