ok, something is wrong with my c9

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  1. it jammed unbelievable yesterday. it's just over 1000rd, when back to the range and within 150rd, it jammed 24 times!!! that is not acceptable. after fifth ftf i knew it should not be therefore i start paying attention if i'm limp writing, but it still ftf. i changed the ammo i was using from wwb(which for 1000rd, never have a problem) to blazer brass but still ftf about 10 more.

    the gun have never been taken apart yet, i just when over 1000 rounds. i'm thinking to sent it back alone with my 10rd mag which have been ftf the last round every time since i have it.

    this is really not acceptable. the first 1000rd it was great, and even yesterday it was perfect(accuracy) except the ammo ftf.
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    Man, that could be a number of things considering how many rounds you have through it now. It could be feed lips on mag, feed ramp, mag spring, build up so bad the slide isn't recoiling properly. Again it could be a number of things. With that many rounds through it, I would say it's in dire need of a full field strip and cleaning.

  3. A good cleaning would be a good place to start, plus inspecting for any obvious trouble, as squeak said above.

    The 10 rd mag you may want to call them and ask for a replacement if it has never fed right and still isnt

    Let us know what it turns out to be
  4. i just email HP and told them what happen. just waiting for reply from them, i'll keep all you guy post.
  5. The reason I bought my 995 is my friend bought a c9 and I liked the quality and price, we go to the range a lot. His jammed for the first time yesterday, failed to eject.

    We just swabed out the chamber and we were good to go. If you put 1000 rounds of WWB through it, its time to clean the weapon. No need to take it apart, just swab it out.
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    Agreed. 90% of the FTF issues you get with Hi-Points can be attributed to the magazine. Just send it into HP and they should be able to straighten it out. But, If there is someone else you know with a C9, see if you can borrow one of their magazines to diagnose the issue.
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    Seems like the 10 round magazine is more prone to issues than the 8 round mags. I kept getting the FTF issue yesterday evening everytime the 9th round was attempted to be fed and everytime it did a push on the mag release did the trick.
    Maybe there is too much pressure from the spring inside the magazine?
  8. Once you get that 10 round mag working good its nice to have those extra 2 rounds though

    A lot of people load them and let them set for weeks to help break in the spring and report that it usually works fine afterwards
  9. ok, i when back to range again today(HP haven't reply my email). in 100rd, it ftf 26 times. i'll sent it back next week regardless they email me back or not.
  10. oldnoob you probably are not going to get an answer over the weekend.

    Have you taken it apart to see if you can see anything wrong with it or are you going to let them take care of that?
  11. i'm just gonna let them take care of it. other than a glock, i never strip any firearm and HP seem like a pain in the butt to strip. damn, it just hit me that for better part of month i won't have my c9 with me. i'm just start getting better at my aim too.
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    You will get an e-mail, or phone call (if you left your #) Monday morning.
  13. it's really sad my c9 ftf problem, it shoot so well...

    all these was done out of 25 feet and on the 8x10" papers



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    At first it seemed like a PITA to strip my C9 due to the need for a 1/8" pin punch, but, after actually doing it, its much easier than it looks. Don't be a puss, just whack that pin out, draw the slide back a little and lift.... TADA!!! you've just stripped your pistol for cleaning (and to see if your firing pin is bent)
  15. I agree with Todd, it really isnt a hard pistol to strip and put back together at all
  16. fine, i'll strip clean, and see if it improve any today.
  17. well, it turn out i don't have the pin punch in my tool box. need to get one later today.
  18. a 3/32 is a perfect fit

    and if I remember correctly there is a step by step sticky that helps tear one down in the pistol section
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    Two thoughts,
    one is if you send it in you will prolly get a free mag.
    the second it that a allen wrench works fine as a punch.
  20. ok, i just did the strip cleaning. it's easier then i thought, i gave a through cleaning and oil up the firing pin. either tomorrow tuesday i'll be back to the range and see if that help at all.