OK, What Type of Red Dot is Best - Tube type or Reflex?

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  1. Sorry for multiple somewhat related theads on this topic, but the Tasco 30mm CAMO sight I ordered has been discontinued, I'm told. Because of my inconvenience they'll give me 5% off on any other sight.

    So I've found a Yukon Reflex (open design) sight for $59.95 and it's CAMO and 2X.

    So my question: Is there any advantage to a reflex (open) red dot over the tubular style or visa-versa? Seems to me the open sight would be quicker to line up the target while having a great field of view.

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    I would suggest the reflex sights, I have no experiance with them thow, But the red dot I think is gun decoration and not much more.

    I took mine off my 4095, It was very accurate just didn't like it all that much.

  3. You are right the panoramic sights are quicker to acquire, and easier to track targets with. The tube types are more rugged though. So it depends on what kind of use or abuse you tend to put them through.

    I have one each on 2 different 995s, I like them both, but the panoramic sight is slightly easier to shoot.
  4. Thanks for your replies.

    I've found another source, (I think), of the tube-type 30mm red-dot Tasco on eBay and a couple of Yukon reflex sights, one thru tactical-store.com, the other with sportsmanguide.com, 2X and 1X respectively.

    Naturally that poses another question!!!

  5. I have both types, and really like the look of the reflex and I bought one for one of my carbines. Will not be able to try it out until deer hunting season is over and the range opens back up.
  6. Its entirely up to personal preference, but I don't care for magnified red dots, they make the dot bigger and fuzzier, I do like the 2x or 2.5x shotgun scopes on the carbine though.

    Benny429 on here has some red dots that may be worth looking at too.
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    To be honest there is no eye relief for reflex or tube sights so I don't understand how target acquisition would quicker with a reflex sight versus a tube sight especially since both systems allow the user to "co-witness" the target(s).

    As for a recommendation, may I suggest the Tasco Solar Powered red dot scope? The solar power comes in handy during outdoor shooting, and there are multiple levels of red dot "brightness." I put brightness in quotes as the dial seems to simply change the size of the red dot.
  8. Well after considering everyone's valued input, I opted for an aluminum body, all glass lense, tubular Red Dot by A1Optic, 42mm, CAMO that you can find on eBay by typing "A1Optic Red Dot" in the search box. With shipping, insurance and the item, it was about $42.

    There's a lot of them out there, but I think ruggedness, price and features are important. The lengthy description of this scope was impressive and they guy has a near perfect rating with everyone liking his sights.

    I'll send a photo some day when I get everything all together.
  9. The panoramic sights are so open you can track the target with your eyes right into the reticle, the tube type you tend to lose focus to look down the tube, at least that what happens to me. I suppose with enough time on any of them it would become second nature, but the panoramic sight doesn't take as much eye training.
  10. reflex. less bulk, same idea. Generally have multiple reticles. I also tend to get much less reticle drift(as you shirt your eye back and forth looking through it.
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    Reflex sights also tend to sit lower forcing you to keep your head down on the stock better. Depending on the mount some will get slapped by the stock when using tube type dots because it forces your head too high allowing the stock to smack them.
    In the end it is a personal choice. Both work well.
  12. I just received the A1 Optic Red Dot Scope about 20 minutes ago. It is a good looking, sturdy looking piece of equipment.

    BUT, one major flaw: The lens nearest your eye is cracked from top to bottom!!! My luck. So I emailed the seller to ask for a replacement. We'll see.
  13. Very fast reply for an eBay seller. Said for me to send it back and he'd send me a new one.

    So far fairly good.