OK, wife knows..evil black gun bought!

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  1. DRoCk

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    Ok, so its not the best one out there, but its nice. It was supposedly used, but I can't see where it has any wear. Bushmaster XM15, even came with a weaver style mount for the carry handle which I probably won't ever make use of.


  2. NICE! That's a weapon you'll get alot of use from.

    How much did you pay? Used as you said, it probably wasn't bad. Congrats on the new toy dude.

  3. Very fine...

    That's a fine looking rifle. Really nice! I wouldn't tell my wife, either.
  4. Oh for crying-out-loud............ WILL YOU GUYS KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!

    I'm gonna be forced to do something........ something...... rash and unexpected with some money I have!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    :lol: Sweeeet!
  5. JasonJ

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    whats wrong with Bushmaster rifles? you say "its not the best one" like its some pile of crap.. it looks fantastic to me..
  6. Ari

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    I would say you got a nice black rifle :D Do you know what barrel is in it? Is it a Douglas barrel? It looks like a heavy barrel...
  7. Nothing wrong with a Bushie, nossir.

    Nice AR dude.
  8. Re: Don't tell the wife..evil black gun bought!

    It looks pretty nice to me. I can't figure out what you've got to criticize about it. Bushmaster makes a serviceable, useful, fun to shoot rifle. You could spend a lot more if you wanted, or you could put the difference into other toys and ammo...

    What else could a guy ask for? As for your wife--you deal with that as you please and don't take advice from these guys--they might get you into trouble.

    BTW--however large your ammo budget was; it's too small now :shock:
  9. Congrats!!!! Dont worry I will never tell!!! lol
  10. That's really nice, man.
  11. AndrewST

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    Yea, no kidding. Its only been 2 weeks since my last purchase. But with all these other gun nuts on here I am starting to get that itch......must...not....grab...wallet....... :shock:
  12. geon

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    Oh man!

    I would have a good time fondling that!


    (Inside joke known by some of the old timers.)
  13. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I...LIKE IT!

    While not a fan of the AR-15 based weapons in general I do like little M4 type ARs.

    Nice buy...
  14. I think what helps me is the no money thing from buying guns like that. Damn college.
  15. Uraijit

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    Re: Don't tell the wife..evil black gun bought!

  16. Nice weapon. I am sure you will like as mush as I like mine .
  17. You guys are killing me. Everyone talked abou their carbines so I had to have one and bought a 4095. Then it was the Mosins and I bought a M44. Now it is the AR-15's and I really can't afford one of those. Darn you guys!
  18. DRoCk

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    Thanks everyone for the praise of the newest add to my collection. Just to clear it all up, what I meant in saying "its not the best" is just meaning that its a lower end Bushmaster. That being said, its obvious to me that it is in very nice condition. They called it used, but I have a hard time believing its been fired more than about 3 mags worth. I bought it at the local Gander Mountain. Thats what I get for going in there to waste time while I was getting tires put on my Durango! That was an expensive 1 1/2 hours...$600 odd for tires, and then $900 for the gun. I probably overpaid for the Bushy, but it is so close to new, its of no concern to me. That seems pretty close for anything this nice around here anyway. (That 900 was OTD with hard case and the scope mount) So thanks again for the praise.

    Now where did I put that credit card statement???!!! :wink:
  19. condition1

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    Good job. you better hide that thing well AND beat her to the mailbox every day....
    I can't say anything. I have yet to tell my girlfriend about a revolver, 30-30, and SKS I've picked up over the last several months. I also put half down on a Springfield m1a. Better to get that outta the way before I get married, I guess. If she's still willing to marry me when she finds out about the growing arsenal...