Ok you mosin lovers eat this: New guys take a look

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  1. Ari

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    I know this is an old post. But we have so many new guys doing work on their Mosins they have to see this work..


  2. Amazing!!! Details please.
  3. Just. Something. Else.

    As Adjuster said: details!
  4. Off topic but anyone know where to pick up the ammo boxes like the one in ARI's photo for cheap. One that will hold the Mosin round.
  5. Ari

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    Sorry I have no details as I just found that photo online.. Take look at the rest of the photos from that photobucket... That guy must be some gun smith!!

    The ammo boxes you are asking about are made buy "Dillon Precision" I just got some from my local gun store. But I would lay money that www.midwayusa.com has them
  6. Ari

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    Man this guy is something

  7. Re: Ok you mosin lovers eat this :lol: :lol

  8. Man, that is gorgeous!
  9. Well crap, now I can't stand up!!!! :oops: :oops: :wink:

    That Mosin!!! That SKS!!!! WOW!
  10. I guess the Mosin is for fighting Fascists in Space :)

    However, that stock for the SKS is just dreamy.... wonder who they're by?
  11. Me likey Space Mosin.

    Alright, the capitalist in me has to ask:

    How much would you guys pay for a Mosin like that? The bent bolt would be ATI but otherwise the same.

    How much for just the stock?

  12. Would I like to have a nice hand made custom fitted stock? Heck yeah. But I have to admit and say I would not pay the price a stock like that demands for my Mosin Nagant. The value trade off is just not there for me. And just to throw it in the mix "if" I ever did by a stock like that and I accidentally scratched or dinged it. Something thats made to be perfect with a blemish is no longer perfect. I am anal that way but getting better.
  13. I wouldn't do it in NASA silver, it'd be either black or matrix camo.

    What'd be nice is to learn how they do polymer stocks. Can you carve a plastic block or set up a molding shop at home?


  14. 69burbon

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    That is very nice but not very practical for a gun that I use for hunting. I would like to find a blank camo laminate stock for mine but the polymer Monte Carlo stocks just work too well, plus I don't care if I ding it up since they are fairly inexpensive.
  15. ab4ka

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    all I can think of is...why? (you'll have to forgive me...I collect milsurps and hate to see bubba get ahold of them, even space age bubba :evil: )
  16. elguapo

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    Well, when you look at the price of any Mosin Nagant (not the numbers matching/sniper etc versions) is generally less than $100. Other places offer rifles with nice furniture, fit and finish on the metal for a bit more.
    I am not saying its right, but hey, for the price...what does it matter?
  17. My theory is the only way I can get any level of proficiency at working on firearms is to work on firearms. And I can't afford to be tweaking on a $700 gun. Mosins are inexpensive, generally not collectible, and somewhat easier to work on than other available rifles. Am I going to cut on a hex or a genuine sniper? Of course not. But a standard M44 to me is a great tool to get some hands-on learning without major consequences for making a mistake. I get a lot of satisfaction from owning a gun that nobody else has and being able to say that I did the work to make it so.

    Plus, how cool is it to have a gun that looks and performs as good as other high-end tactical rifles at 1/3 the cost? Isn't that the whole idea behind HP to begin with?


  18. Got me tempted to make an m44 scout rifle now........ damn your eyes sir!