1. Since its a fixed barrel, the only thing I can think of is since its an older pistol is that the barrel has a lot of wear.

    I remember back in my military days shooting the 1911's that had been in service since the Korean war probably.

    They were not the most accurate pistols, and as everyone knows, a good 1911 pistol is as accurate as most any other brand of pistol.

    Let us know what you find out, I am interested to hear what the problem is

    Good luck!
  2. 2 1/4" from a pistol with fixed sights is not too shabby. Most people cant keep a sub 3" group at 7 to 10 yards with an adjustable sight pistol, much less one with fixed sights.

  3. I do not think it is hitting too bad either personally, but if he wants better, I wish him luck.
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    For most it's not

    I used to shoot competitively and that wouldn't fly. I have had a grouping as tight as 1/2 inch at 75 yards with the HI Point 45 JCP and my reloads.

    2 plus inch groupings will loose your lunch in competition. I want it right is all. I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my fire arms.
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  6. Re: For most it's not

    Yikes! I can see now why you are not happy with how the pistol is hitting.

    Keep us informed on how things turn out.
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    :lol: Who know's waltham41 maybe I'm being too much of a perfectionist. I would be a good Ideal to have it gone thru period just for the heck of it. Now I know where I saw that posting about the 45 shooting low it was under testimonials on the hi point site here is his remarks. It supports why I want to send it in.

    Recently, I was having a problem with my .45 shooting very low and due to fixed sights, I couldn’t adjust it. So I called Hi-Point and spoke to a gentleman who told me to mail the pistol in and they would replace the barrel for me for absolutely nothing! I was shocked and very pleased! So as soon as I got off the phone with him, I went to the post office and mailed it. He told me it would take about a week or a week and a half to get back which was great. Well, three days later, I had a package delivered to me and guess what it was … my pistol! I couldn’t believe it! Three days! Not only was this amazing to me, but when I opened it, the slide was changed out with a new model style with adjustable sights, the firing pin was replaced, a trigger lock and the barrel were replaced and all for free and without me even asking! UNBELIEVABLE! So, I just want to say thank you very, very much. I am the most satisfied customer you have, and I have told everyone how great you are! And the pistol shoots great! Once again, thank you so very much!
    - C. Goble,White Oak, GA
  8. People may think that Hi Point is a cheap weapon made for criminals, but they are good weapons made by a company that cares about their customers.

    Glad to hear they took good care of you, and if you think it should shoot to a certain performance, go for it. I saw in another post that you are ex military so you know the drills on practicing.
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    Re: Practice

    :D I love mine :lol: the people who don't like fire arms, those whom have never fired the Oh great and wondrous hi point are lacking in knowledge as. In my book it's one of the finest fire arms around. It's what my father in law call's an old style AMERICAN MADE JEWEL.

    My question for the people whom don't like the Hi Point is Israel buying them ? We know they don't slack when it comes to firearms. Heck they are small compared to their neighbors and they usually make items they buy better.
  10. Cool, good find. I need to pick up a JHP to be the ugly brother of the 1911.
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    you'll love the 45 prob better than the 1911 it's got less recoil in my opinion Loud but less recoil
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    Your exactly right what other company would send a firing pin and firing pin spring to a customer that bought a pistol used at an auction parts free of charge to help get it's flaws fixed. That's Hi Point Quality Service I'll bet their motto is Keep the customer happy. There first rate in my opinion Hell they're still warranting items 12 plus years old. The stallard I've aquired is made in May of 95.
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    There are 7 Gentlemen at work of significant importance to the operation of the corp that are well off and they've been out to the range here all have fired the hi point. All have bought. two have fired the Stallard and went and purchased a new C9
  14. That is how we spread the gospel :)

    The gun snobs can say anything they want, but when someone takes a friend to the range and lets them try one out, they see for themselves that they are a good weapon for the price.
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    Amen and Halelujah to that Brother.

    It's the Hi Point Gospel