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Okay, finally: The Perfect BOV

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Unfortunately, it is of Russian manufacture and will likely need a lot of maintenance; the cool factor would be hard to beat though!
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You could burry the sub so your BOV now becomes your BOL. That is if you don't mind the rads :D
reminds me of driving the forestry tankers in Maine I remember in 1999 We had a woods fire on a mountain and seeing 6 of these in a parade climbing up to retank the forestry rigs. Beautiful sight LOVE them rigs I could make em sing if I wanted to
nah, gimme a caddilac gage commando V-100 or a ferret scout car and im good to go.

Nah, the ultimate BOV has to be the LandMaster.


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M1008 CUCV with a 6BT Cummins swap. 14 bolt FF rear, D60 front, 4.56 gears, TH400, detroit locker...just swap the NP208 for an NP205 and you've got a tank in sheep's clothing.

Either that or M1009 CUCV (K5 Blazer) with a 6BT Cummins swap.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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