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  1. I was haunting the local shops a few days ago and ran across the an old style 995 carbine. Most of the finish on the receiver was gone, fit and function were good. How much trouble are they to restore? Is it possible to send it off to Hipoint for refurbishing? Thanks
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    For the price of shipping you'll have a like new gun. How much they asking for it?

  3. As of now $170.00, but I think I can talk about $50.00 from that. Getting that fixed up for shipping would be NICE.
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    Grab it!!! Pay the 15 to 20 dollars shipping to get it back to MOM and in a few weeks you'll have a brand new gun... Not to mention they throw in a free magazine.
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    Jump on that like stink on poop.:D
  6. Thanks! I definitely will.
  7. I picked up the old style 995 carbine today.($130.00) Just for fun I decided to try it out. It fed fine but wouldn't fire. I am assuming the biggest problem would be that it's dirty. I plan to take it apart and clean it up, to see if that remedies the rifle. Either way, I'll contact hi point to send it off next week.
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    Save your time, send it back to MoM!!!
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    Agree with macho.
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    NE Utah
    I assume it goes "click"?

    I bet its a bent or broken firing pin.
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    Could be dirty. Could be:

    Bent, Broken or rusty firing pin
    Bent, Broken or rusty firing pin spring
    Corroded sear spring
    Worn or broken sear
    Worn or rusty sear cam
    Worn or rusty trigger assembly
    or missing any of those parts.

    Just send the damn thing in.
  12. I think you are right Ajole, It was DIRTY. I cleaned her up and noticed a bend in the firing pin (slight). I straightened it and cleaned it up.

    I fired a few rounds.. works just fine

    Sending it off Monday

    Thanks for the input
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    I have bought some of the most beat up 995 Classic's on the internet, "ONLY" because I could send them back to MoM & a receive a like new gun without even getting my hands dirty. MoM is GREAT like that!!!
  14. Got a call from MoM, basically they replaced the rifle, and asked if I wanted the old style stock (free) or the upgrade ($60.00). I elected to go with the upgrade. I hopefully will have it back within the week
  15. NICE. You got a new carbine for under $200!!! :D
  16. Getting it back Thursday, paid for a stock upgrade but I'm ok with that
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    Sounds like your upset about that. They offered to return it to stock free, you CHOSE to upgrade it, they shouldn't be responsible for covering that cost.
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    You know, I can't tell you which stock I like better than the other. That's why I have one of each. He should have just kept the Classic stock & picked up a TS down the road? No need to be mad at MoM, she only does what you tell her!
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    ....double post....

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  20. Not upset about paying for it in the least. After talking with the gentleman working on the carbine, about the advantages/disadvantages of the new stock, I decided to go with the new one. The old stock was cracked at the receiver. I was impressed with the time that he took to discuss the options. I am more than satisfied.
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