old camp gun - .410 sawed off shotgun - ss - Va

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    "Champion" model built by Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle works. Patent pending June 15, 1915. 29.5" OAL.
    410 single shot sawed off barrel 18" and 1/2 stock. Virginia.
    $ 130 shipped. The gun is very old and beat up, but it's tight and shoots great. Perfect for a camp gun or just something to throw in the trunk and leave there. Strong hammer and ejector. Shell holder. I'll throw in about 20 rounds of 3 inch 00 buckshot and any other .410 shells I ahve in the house.
    Pay Pal preferred.
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    If you were in TX I'd definitely consider an FTF. Just a word of caution for buyer & seller, Paypal isnt exactly firearm friendly and has be known to freeze accounts that trade in firearms.

  3. Freeze account to include all funds. It's best to keep this form of payment between you and the seller when they contact you. If they are comfortable with a discrete sale, then so be it. BUT if something were to happen an a dispute were to occur, the second paypal is notified, the accounts of both parties will be temp frozen. Just be careful. We have no intentions of squashing anyones buy/sell, just want you guys to be aware. There are alternatives out there.
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    PRICE DROP..... $110 SHIPPED, $100 FTF
  6. Question on this comment.......
    Is the barrel 18" with 1/2 (half wood) stock


    Is the barrel 18 & 1/2" (18.5") and factory cut (aka stock)?

    Also... Any pic's?
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    Been trying to get a picture up without success. Seems my wife misplaced the little do-hickey that plugs the digital camera into the computer. :evil:
    Anyway, the barrel is 18 1/2" and the stock has had about 1/2 if it cut off. The OAL is now 29.5"
    Trying to get the picture on a sd card now.
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    No, it wants me to log into the account
  9. Have to be logged in to see it.

    Just do a photobucket account and post them to the forum. Or, if someone has an account on THR, hot link it over here so we can all see it.
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    Got a pic, finally! Thanks Primaseal

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    my bad, here's the other one....I hope!