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  1. Had a customer of mine give me his library of gun book's shooter's bibles and other book's 1953 to 1980 the prices are so cool colt python in 1965 msrp 125.00, ruger standard model 22lr pistol 37.50, bull barrel mk1 57.50
    colt government .45 $82.50 and the gold cup national match 125.00
    i never knew husqvarna made shot guns

    would post pics i scanned them but it say's file 1.27mb to large for the forum

    so if anyone want something looked up i will think all years are there 7 boxes of
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    Lucky you, sounds like a pleasant stroll thru yesteryear. I have a few of those myself, my oldest are early 70s, but I was around to buy them new.