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    Just wondering what your thoughts are on this?


    Was there a sequel?
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    The primer may not move the slide but I know the hipoints are not exactly swiss watches, so depending on how far the striker protrudes from the slide when the trigger is pulled it could potentially move the slide back enough to not be fully seated when the round goes off IF it eventually does.

    I know glocks had a bad problem with bulged and blown out cases because the blocks didn't fully surround the casings of the rounds on the older models but it didn't have anything to do with hang fires, they would bulge our blow out your casings on typical shots.

    I think it's most likely wording to cover their butts to the extreme...like my old boss said when I was fabricating and welding production shop equipment and decorative fixtures "don't ever build stuff for it's intended use, but for the ways people will misuse it"

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    So, what was the purpose of this call other than just whining to the company about CYA stuff in the manual?

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    The .40 doesn't have a fully supported chamber. The problem AFAIK was with the reloads. No resizing the cases. My G23 has had 2000+ factory loads with no problems.

    What is a "typical shot?" You lost me with that term.
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    Typical shot means no hang fire, a simple google image search brings up hundreds of pictures of bulged or blown out cases that were results of the older models and their not fully supported chambers.

    EDIT: usually they were bulged or cracked around the lip of the cartridge from the pic search, think it brought them up when I searched for "glock bulge".
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    The best thing to do if you get a round that doesn't go off is to wait a few minutes (with the weapon pointed downrange) before opening the action. That is if you want to be particularly safe in the event that the FTF is a hang fire.

    I've had a few failures to fire in the past, and I just ejected the rounds right away. None of them ever detonated. Hopefully, none of us will ever have FTFs turn into hang fires right as we open the actions.

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    Hang fire? Wasn't that a Rolling Stone song?
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    And a good one!....
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    If it had been any other company besides HP, would they have made the initial call?

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    No conspiracy here. Barry died of natural causes. He wasn't mysteriously killed. :p