Old Poop Looking for In put on JHP Ammo

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  1. I recently purchased 100 rounds from Wally World. As much as I don't like buying at a place that caters to government and records ever ammo purchase, I did it anyway.

    The rounds are from TulAmmo, 230 gr., made in Russia. They're for target practice and, God knows, I need it desperately. So, is this acceptable for regular use in the .45 JHP or should I go with something else?
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  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    You won't know until you try in your gun.
    This topic comes up about every hour and a half, the answer is always the same.
    A dozen people will say its great a dozen will say it sucks, and every single one of the replied is 100% irrelevant as what does or doesnt work for someone else's gun, doesnt showc what will or will not work in yours. Shoot it, you'll know for yourself how well it works for you.

    (and what do they record at walmart about ammo sales? I've bought thousands of rounds of ammo there and never once had anything recorded or personal info asked for.)

  3. Bull

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    For a short time in MO (about 10 years or so ago), they would ask if you were buying pistol ammo, what it was being used for..... That went away fairly quickly
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    wow the new baby has me sleep deprived i read the thread title as putting poop in jhp ammo.
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    Steel casings may be a little rough on your pistol. Its a steel case on a steel barrel. I wouldnt shoot thousands and thousands of rounds of Russian Steel Cased Ammo through my weapon.

    The other thing is, steel cases dont contract after firing, brass expand and then contract in the firing sequence. So, you may find that because of that and the rough texture (thats why theres a coating on the cases, lubrication AND water resistance) you may experience a higher malfunction rate.

    Doesnt mean its bad ammo. It has "quirks", just be aware of them.

    I'd use ANY American Made manufacturer of hollow point ammunition. Get 100 rounds of it (if its affordable) and shoot it through your pistol/rifle. Youre looking for ammo that gives you 100% reliability.
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  6. Thanks, everyone. All useful info, and I think I'll try it, but turn to Federal for regular use.
    As for Wally World, they always record ammo and firearms sales via video. And they keep the videos for a long time.
  7. HP/C9/45ACP

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    What difference does it make if it's a Hi Point. Mom will fix it up as good as new.
  8. talon

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    Yeah because them commblock nations that have been using and making it for decades have no idea what they're doing.

    Hollow points for target shooting is ridiculous advise for the cost aspect. As for "ammo that gives you 100% reliability"....if it existed it would be the only brand sold. It doesnt exist. No brand is 100% reliable. From the cheapest to the most expensive there will always be occasional ammo caused issues. Nothing is 100% reliable.
  9. SWAGA

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    As far as forum experiences go:
    It seemed to cause problems in NEW guns, mostly the C9 and .380
    Steel case tends to be a little less smooth then brass.
    However most of these issues went away after the gun was worn in with regular brass cheapo ammo.
    I was blissfully unaware of any issues so I fed my .45 JHP Walmart Tula since day one and rarely had an issue.
    Then again, my gun was bought used.
    Try it and you'll be fine.

    * buy the cheapest ammo that will do the job , not the most expensive *
  10. MXGreg

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    Use only high quality brass or nickel cased ammo. Then leave the cases laying on the ground. People like me need it to reload. :D
  11. ArmyScout

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    Tula is not an ammo for all guns. As stated the only way to find out if it is for your firearm, is it shoot some.
  12. planosteve

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    I give my 30-06 brass to one of the RSO's at my range. I even put it back in the box before giving it to him. He cuts me some slack and lets me shoot prone from under the benches when they are not too crowded.

    Good once fired brass makes for good bribes. :D
  13. My apologies. Must've been really worn out the day I posted this thread. In the title, I meant "Input" instead of "In Put."