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  1. Not as cool as the Colt .32 I posted about.... :lol: I believe it also belonged to my moms' folks.

    This is a .32 cal 5-shot, top-break revolver that was manufactured by Harrington & Richardson somewhere between 1887 and after the turn of the century. I did some research, and there isn't a whole lot of information regarding this company or most of it's firearms.


    I did find that their earliest models were designed for black powder use. They were produced with the budget-conscious (like our Hi-Points are today :D ) consumer in mind.

    Based on what I could find out and the markings on the pistol, I can reasonably guess that this was an early 1900's production gun.

    Although not a high-value collectible, it is still a piece of history and a definite keeper. It is very, very likely that it will never see range time. I found out that they aren't considered very safe with today's production ammunition, and I really don't think it's worth the risk, even if a gunsmith ok's it for mild/light hand loads. So, back in the safe it went. :)

    I just thought I'd share another bit of firearms history, however relatively unknown it may be, with my fellow firearms enthusiasts (read "gun nuts" :D :D ).
  2. Another great find! My hat is off to you sir!

  3. Cool! Keep looking, who knows what you'll find next.
  4. My folks also have a couple of rifles. One is a .22lr target rifle that belongs to my mom, which she used to out shoot everyone on the rifle team in her school days in PA. The other is a .220 Swift that belongs to my dad. That was his target rifle. I'll get some pics of each sometime this week so you can enjoy more gun porn. :wink:

    Oh, and my dad also has a huge revolver (don't know what caliber, tho). My folks say it doesn't fire. Dad inherited from a friend after her husband died. That guy had 100's of firearms. IIRC he built them. The revolver was the only one my dad got, although I think he probably could have gotten as many of the guns as he wanted. Dangitalltoheck!
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    Very beautiful, is that the original finish or has it been redone?
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  7. Fairly certain it's the original finish. There are some nicks on the frame here and there, and some scratches on the cylinder.
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    Wow! For its age it is in fantastic shape! I hope my wife looks that good when she is 100!

    ....don't tell her I said that I want to live to see 100.
  9. That thing is just flat gorgeous to look at. Old guns are beautiful. Great find .40cal!