Old style 955 carbine questions - scope rings & handle

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Jimmmm, Mar 3, 2015.

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    Hi. Just bought a used "old style" 955 from before they changed the stock design a few years ago. The gun works good - I've fired it today. No problems.

    I ALSO have one of the new style 955's that came with a scope, which I've never used. Thought I'd put the scope from the new style gun on the old style gun, but it seems that the scope rings won't mount to the scope rail system that's on the older style gun. Or am I just doing something wrong? Where can I get a set of scope rings that would fit the old style rail? Or is it cheaper (and is it doable) to put a new style rail on the old style gun?

    Also, the charging handle roller is missing. The rifle still works fine, but I can't get the bolt to lock open, or stay open after the last round. Is this merely a function of the missing roller?

    Thanks for any help you can provide. - Jim
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    Need rings for a Weaver style rail and call Hi-Point for a free charging handle.

    Yes a newer style rail will fit but you'll have to cut it down to size.

  3. I believe on the original style guns there is no last round hold open on the bolt. That has to with the action not the handle. the handle holds the action open for cleaning and inspection.
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    Okay, I got it figured out. I googled Weaver scope rings, and they looked pretty much like what I already got. The new scope rings will fit on the old style carbine rail, but the old style rail just has a slightly odd shape to it that makes mounting a little more exacting. The new style rail looks like it will accommodate the rings better. But I get them pretty securely fastened to the old rail, so no matter. I'm guessing they made the old style rail the way they did because it was cheaper to do so.