Older (?) CF380 Question

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  1. hobo

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    I have the opportunity to purchase two what I believe to be older CF380's as a package deal, but would like some advice from someone with more knowledge than me, which is to say almost anybody.

    1. The reason I believe them to be older is that they have smaller front sites and fixed rear sites. Is this a correct assumption and approximately what period of time were these manufactured?

    2. They both have composite frames as opposed to aluminum, but. Instead of being black the frames are a light grey in color. Special models, freaks or is this how they were once made?

    3. Lastly, with an empty magazine installed, when you pull back on the slide it doesn't lock open (last round hold open). Is this how the older models were made or has someone broken/modified these?

    Thanks in advance for any light you can shine on these questions.
  2. gunnut

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    I believe the older models did not have the last round hold open feature, or adjustable sights. I could be wrong, but it hasn't happened before :D

  3. gunnut

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    Hi-Point might be able to upgrade that for you if you get it.
  4. urotu

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    There's no LRHO on the older guns if I remember right.

    Also, the older guns had fixed rear sights, so you are right, they are a bot older. I've heard about the "grey" frame guns before, but think it was just the way they were made as opposed to doing it on purpose, that is I don't think they were anything real s[ecial, just that batch of casting.

    I've heard that most folks who send them in get updated to LRHO and adjustable sights, at least most I've heard of going back. I would guess that depends of whether or not the gun was able to be updated. They are fairly new with the polymer frame, but only new enough to have it, sounds like anyway.

    I'd liek to see one of the "grey" frame guns, they sound bitchin' cool.
  5. My friend has a old school 380 its aluminum framed with adjustable rear sights. The slide is grey the gun is SINGLE action....is way different from mine but it still shoots like a champ he bought it from a show for 80 bucks he got a deal
  6. correct that the older CF380 didn't have a LRHO. I called HP some time agi and was told that mine could be upgraded. I sent it in and it was upgraded to the current CF380 standard. They even replaced all my mags with newer ones.
  7. hobo

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    Did they do the updates for free or was there a charge?

    Depending on the answer, I think I see two grey framed CF380's in my future. One of them even has a fully polished slide.

    Thanks for all the insight fellas :!:
  8. Updates were done free. All I paid for was the shipping to them. My CF380 has had about 500 rounds since the upgrades without problems.
  9. hobo

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    That means it's time to go see what kind of deal I can make on the pair.

  10. p7196

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    I would have jumped on those anyway with the warranty.I have bought 2 45's used lately. One will be going back for a "update" I guess you could say. It has a case of sloppy slide. The previous owner had only run about 30,000 rounds through it. He threw in the 2nd 45 because of that one.