Older JH .45 slide lock?

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    Hi. I have an older JH .45 (see image below) that I bought used.


    So far I've only put 100 rounds through it. Other than 2 stovepipes it shot fine. However, the slide doesn't lock back after the last round is fired. I thought nothing of it until I saw some videos on YouTube of people firing the new .45 ACP.


    On these the slide locks back after the last round. Does anyone know if the older models are supposed to lock back?

    BTW, when I was cleaning it I noticed the paint on the feedramp was peeling off. It looked like someone had gone over a lot of spots with touch up paint, feedramp included. Thanks to the instructions from this site I was able use my Dremel to polish the feedramp. Below is the obligatory image.


    Anyway, I'm glad to find such an informative group full of good people.
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    JH-45 models do not have last round hold open. That started with Model JHP-45. in 2003

  3. bigmikelaw

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    Thanks. I guess I have nothing to worry about then. I can't wait to get back to the range. For such a heavy monster it shoots surprisingly well. Having not fired a weapon in over 23 years I had a ball shooting it.