older story, but.........

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  1. It's an older story. But...... I had never seen a topic about it. And I just heard about it so I had to google it. It actually gave me a good laugh. Also a survalence camera, but that link doesn't have it.
    Kids try to rob police station.
    I..........am speechless.
  2. oh man I saw that a while back. so freakin funny and STUPID.

  3. I can't imagine making it through 14 years of life and still somehow thinking that'd be a good idea.
  4. AndrewST

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    How do you punish morons like that? If you are lacking your mental faculties to that point......


    The judge needs to find some bizarre form of punishment that matches the insanity of this.
  5. I'd say make 'em wash squad cars and uniforms, mop the precinct's floor, etc. every day of their lives until they turn 18. Punk'd! lol