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Oldest Sons B-day Present

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ordered yesterday at 2 pm, arrived from SOG today at 10:20 AM, my son's first pistol, a CZ52, now i'm jealous, looks like i'll be calling SOG back in a little while, this gun looks like it'd be fun to shoot and what a great trigger for a milsurp, also a very well fitted pistol, craftsmanship is way better than i'd thought it would be. all this with 280rnds of ammo, next day shipping for only $183

happy birthday dalton

now to clean all the cosmo out and test fire it before he gets home from school

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You have one lucky son! That looks like a great b-day present!

Hope he loves it!
i'm sure he will love it. good job pappa kripp!

"cost to fill up your vehicle, +$50.00. kripp jr's face on b-day priceless."
Oh, what a bothersome chore, test fire your son's first pistol. WAH WAH WAH!!!


I wish I got nice toys like that when I was a kid.
Can you say fire ball. What fun...
They are a nice well built pistol and fun to shoot. Get yourself one and you can get corrosive bulk ammo for them cheap.

Of course as you well know its no problem using corrosive as long as you clean them up good.
Excellent present and awesome price! Dumb question maybe but who is SOG? Thanks!
SOG= Southern Ohio Gun

The CZ-52 is a hoot. Throws the empties a mile. Fireball.

Great value in a milsurp handgun.
Nice looking gun! It looks a little like the Bersa Thunders but a little more meat and potatoes Dammit, the more I look at it the more I wish I was your son!!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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