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    Is anyone here from mn that can tell me what i need to do to be legal in buying a semi auto rifle from a private party in my town. Im buying one and im getting a bill of sale that we are hand writingbup with date our signutures the rifle info and serial number. Is there anything else i need to do.

    Never bought from private owner before

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    think I got it.

    don't need to file with the sheriff or police department but if you sell to someone and they commit a crime with that firearm in the next year you could be charged with a gm.

    so I will show him my ptp and sign a bill of sale and that will cover him and I will keep a bill of sale with me to prove I purchased it.

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    A copy of their driver's license would be nice. It add legitimacy to the transaction.

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    There are free PDF's of Bill of Sale available online.
    Some have a space available for DL# and Permit #
    Fill out your info on the computer, print it out and hand write the sellers info.
    Make a couple of copies.
  5. You just need to pay for it. That is all that the law requires of you. As for paperwork, the less the better.

    The ideal private transaction is where:
    1. Neither person knows to other persons name, first or last.
    2. Not likely to ever see each other ever again.
    3. Payment is made with cash.

    That way both parties are safe and have peace of mind after the deal for the rest of their life. This is the method I've used for years with every private purchase that didn't happen to be a friend, co-worker or family. Of course when we know each other there is no reason for a bill of sale.

    If one isn't comfortable doing it this way because the other party is shady, don't do the deal. If there is paperwork, the deal can come back to haunt you years latter.
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