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  1. mr_flintstone

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    What kind do you prefer? Round, muffins, or fritters? Fried or baked (or fried on the bottom and then baked). Sweet (yes/no), cracklins (yes/no)?

    I like mine plain, fried in an iron skillet and served with butter (the real stuff, not margarine). I also like it crumbled in my pinto beans.
  2. cicpup

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    Cornbread? That's a real thing? I thought it was one of those made up items. Like grits.

  3. moona11

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    Grits are crap :p
  4. I've only ever had it done like cake, baked in a pan and sweet. I've only ever seen it served with butter or honey. It's not very popular up here.

    FWIW. Someone should do a cornbread thread in the 'Survival' section as it was a basic food years ago when people only ate what they grew.
  5. When I see grits on the menu at restaurants, I know I've traveled about as far south as I want to go.
  6. Bull

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    Sweet.... Even for my beans....
  7. Rerun

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    I've eaten grits served in diners in Colorado and across...

  8. VinnieD

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    Baked in a cast iron skillet. Sweet really depends on what it's being served with. A spoonfull of real lard or bacon grease does wonders for it as well. None of that crisco crap.
  9. Muffins are my favorite, followed closely by fritters.
    Muffins are usually baked, but I like them baked then fried.
    No cracklins. Served with butter. Maybe some honey.
  10. tjulian

    tjulian Member

    I love cornbread. I usually bake it in a cast iron skillet. I will also make corn cakes (like pancakes). Homemade only and not sweet. I usually eat with butter only.

    And everyone lay off my grits. :D
  11. "I like mine plain, fried in an iron skillet and served with butter (the real stuff, not margarine). I also like it crumbled in my pinto beans."

    Sweet or plain I don't care when I'm hungry.Cornbread and beans of any type are made for each other.And some fried bacon mixed with those beans.
  12. planosteve

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    Hush puppies, nuff said.
  13. thundercroozer

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    Born a Yankee, raised a Yankee, but my step-father was a truck driver, and during the summer vacation I would go with him, and have eaten grits and cornbread in about every state.

    cornbread don't matter as long as its baked in a cast iron , muffins or cake don't matter. Better the next morning crumbled in a bowl, soaking in buttermilk.

    Grits mixed with scrambled eggs, sausage, and bacon crumbled in.
  14. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Cornbread is like brownies made from sand. Its nasty (and ive eaten goat eyes, live scorpions and furry little puppies).
  15. *Pats you on the back.*
    *Takes your head, violently snaps it, shoves your body in the oven.*

    *Sees your ID*

    Crap, sorry, for a second you were sounding like ISIS. :p
  16. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Lol they werent cute furry puppies.
  17. tallbump

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    Sweet. Usually like a cake, but muffins work too.

    Round here, it's usually served with butter.

    We actually used to have it for school lunches, and plenty of restaurants serve it. It's a popular side with chili.

    NO lie, my wife made corn bread hot dog muffins for dinner tonight.
    Basically corn dogs but instead of on a stick, the dogs were baked into muffins

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  18. You'll start to find them even in the northern part of IL and south of I-80 in Iowa.A few years ago they even had them in a grocery store here, but the the boxes got dusty. I wouldn't be surprised to find them in the nearest truck stop here.
  19. I love cornbread as long as it doesn't have kernels in it.

    My great-uncle farmed near a thousand acres in Ohio. Rotating crops, Silver Queen before it became popular for people. It was just feed corn for most of its history. We always had corn this, corn that, green beans YUCK! I hate them... :)

    I haven't ground my own corm meal for near 15 years. Its just too easy to get it at a store and it is good enough I don't feel I need to spend the time making it.

    I like simple cornbread. Doesn't matter if its baked or fried or dumpling style. Metal, stone or charcoal grilled are all good. I love to eat it plain, buttered or honey covered. Aweome in chili, bean soup, heck any kind of soup really.
  20. RedRaptor22

    RedRaptor22 Member

    Jiffy for a traditional cast iron cornbread, leftovers make a good breakfast at the camp, warmed up with butter, syrup and glass of milk.

    Also jiffy with chopped onions for the best hush puppies.

    My mom makes awesome fritters that are 1/2 cornbread mix and 1/2 creamed corn, pan fried.