One handed techniques - gun related

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  1. Saw this short video, got me to thinking, what if your injured and only have one usable arm. Can you reload your handgun? pump your shotgun? change the clip on your carbine?..... maybe dislodge a jam?


    I may need to go home and try to figure out how to do this on all my weapons.

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    That is something I train for both with the C9 and revolver you never know when you get in a firefight you may be injured

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    I see bushman owns a powder load .50 cal.

    OK, So I think he could load that thing up and shoot before I could load my xd9 mag and insert it into the weapon.

    I have my right hand broke and I am right handed. But I wouldn't be much faster the other way.

    Mag change is difficult enough.
    LMAO this is so awkward. Talk about a monkey F'in a football.

    OK before the wife see's me I'll stop.

    Oh, you guy's I should have video'd that you would be cry laughin. Have to wipe the tears from my own eye's.

    WWOOO you guys should a seen that.
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    Ok. I can barley rack the slide.
  5. Thats exactly what I'm talking about Thayldt21.

    Right now your probably LOL but right now its not life threatening. You have to use legs, inner thighs, kneeling down, armpits, what ever... your probably right, with the monkey analogy. Cant imagine those guys that have mag pouches on their stock... probably have to rotate the carbine like a baton twirler.

    Just something to think about, you guys go practice.... specially try it with your weak hand. But first, make sure your gun and mags are empty. Also may want to be alone, or you may end up putting on a good comedy show. :lol:
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    They taught us this on the gun range at the police academy. One handed weapon retention, one handed mag change, how to rack the slide one handed, how to load a mag one handed, etc. et all.
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    With your pistol you use what ever is handy; door jamb, between you calf and thigh, car door, fence post. Push the weapon against the object in front of your rear sights and rack the slide, just becareful while practicing not to damage the rear sights, and have the mag removed. After you get that down and mag change with your primary hand you have to learn how to do that and operate the slide release with your off hand. THAT is the time for the camera for those special momements you can treasure. Honestly though using a camera is a good idea if you're practicing this so you can see your mistakes.
    If you have a lever action rifle try loading and shooting that off hand; that is a humbling experience.