One happy camper!!!

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  1. The first couple of time I tool my JCP 40 out shooting I was getting disappointed. I was having quite a few FTF. Some where because of crap reloads so I ran those through a friends beratta px4 with no problems. Today I took it out after giving it a real good cleaning after running about 400-500 rounds through it. It was like a whole new gun. I ran about 150 rounds through it with a single FTF and I think it was my error because I compansated!!! I was on cloud 9 and shooting fine. It was fantastic!!! I am going up north next week end and going to go shooting with my girlfriends brothers. I hope this thing performs as well as it did today!! I already have another 250 rounds to feed it but I think we will stop on the way because I want to really shoot the poo out of the hi-point. Not only was it firing great it was holding 1.5"-2" groups at about 7-8 yards while sighting it in. It was pretty funny how the groups where so tight moving up the target as I dialed it in. I still need to fine tune it but it was great!! I can't wait til next weekend!!! :D
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    Sounds like a hoot. Nothing like a broken in gun to make ya happy.
    Good luck at the next shoot.

  3. Don't tell anybody, but the JCP40 is my favorite Hi Point pistol ;) Congrats!
  4. I figure I will line up another 400 rounds before the next shoot this coming weekend. It should be a blast, pun intended.
  5. Actually, you were on cloud 40...Cloud nine is achieved thru the C9...jeez, noobs...


    Well done and good luck shooting!