One in the chamber.

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  1. I know the heated argument as common as caliber wars.

    But I thought I would share my most recent experience.

    Today I was working in the yard when the dog disappeared. I start looking and yelling. No sign anywhere which is unusual.

    10 minutes goes by and I'm a little unhappy/nervous he hasn't ran away out of ear shot at this house before.
    I Do know that any time he hears a gun shot he runs scared to get in the house.
    I have my bodyguard .380 in my back pocket. Walk up to the burn barrel strategically placed in front of my back stop. (I use it for a target. The. More holes the better it burns!)
    I pull up shoot the barrel. My gun is loaded with winchester PDX1 my defense bullets. But oddly enough the gun that had never jammed on me stove pipes on me.

    I was shocked and a little upset this is the load and gun I have been considering well enough to defend my life.

    Hard to say if it was the ammo or if I limp wristed it in my haste. Regardless I got one shot off and not the second. If that was a real defense scenario I would have been happy I carried one in the chamber.
  2. Oh I forgot to mention the dog. Came running before I cleared the jam

  3. I go with one in the pipe also. I don't want to have to rack it up in time of need and I'm confident my gun won't light up on its own. Glad the dog came back, too.
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  4. I also carry with one in the chamber when I am carrying my usual PD gun (glock sub compact .45). When I carry my belly gun, I don't have one in the chamber. The belly gun is a .25 raven. I don't carry that very often
  5. Tchort

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    HP 9mm, one in pipe all times carrying or at home.
  6. Kiln

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    I don't carry a gun unless it has a round chambered. I also prefer to carry guns that allow a single style of trigger pull. For instance if I'm carrying a DA/SA pistol, I carry cocked and locked to avoid having to transition from a DA pull on the first shot to a SA pull for follow up shots.
  7. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I don't live in Hell's Kitchen, or Chicago, or any other war zone. I'm condition 3 mostly. If I lived in some of your areas, I'd probably carry cocked and locked, but I don't, so, I don't.
  8. Kiln

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    I don't exactly live in a high risk area, although robberies are somewhat common. My personal concern with carrying anything condition 3 is that if your first round nosedives or stovepipes at a crucial moment, it could cost you your life.

    That being said it's pretty unlikely that you'll ever actually need your concealed carry gun but in the event you do I want mine to be in firing condition with at least one shot that is definitely going to go off.
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    What argument?

    If you want to carry an unloaded gun and find out how well that might end for you by all means!

    Glad the dog is okay!!
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    I want to be sure have at least one shot.
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    Yeah..... But it's a HiPoint..... If it jams, you can brain em with it. I would NOT wanna get pistol whipped with my JCP...
  12. That's the truth!

    Where I live has always been very quite crime wise but the past few years has given rise to a lot more hard drug related crimes.
    On my property I carry for snakes and hungry cyotes.

    Have seen bears but they are black bears and no one has ever been attacked or had there dogs get attacked here so I'm not going to worry about them.
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    I fail to see where it would matter if you had one in the chamber or not... IF you didn't you would pull and rack the slide... A stovepipe is a failure to eject... Nothing about racking the gun would cause a failure to eject as you are not ejecting anything...
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    Carry one in the chamber. Why complicate the simple?

    Those who carry with an empty chamber assume (you know what that word means) they will be able to flawlessly rack the slide and load a round in a high-stress situation. That doesn't always happen in the real world.
  15. planosteve

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    One in the chamber at home and on the farm. I have been practicing with the CZ and have not had any issues transitioning from DA to SA as far as accuracy or speed, but I did own a P226 for 20 years so I have had a lot of practice with it.

    Glad to see that the dog returned home safely.
  16. Maybe I used the term stove pipe incorrectly. (is there official designations? ) the second round nose dived.

    And. Why do you have to question everything? .

    My point was : gun I carry loaded with my defense bullets failed to operate after the first shot. To me demonstrating what you always here. "At least one round on target"

    You can what if it all you want.
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    NE Utah
    Those who carry with one in the chamber assume the gun and safeties will operate flawlessly and never discharge accidentally in any situation. That doesn't always happen in the real world.
  18. I carry. A DAO hammer fired pistol.
    With a manual safety. I can't think of any scenario other than the safe comeing off and the 10 lb trigger getting pulled to set it off.
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    Well, he's right and you called it wrong ;)
    Despite the fact it could never happen to a Glock :))) this is a stovepipe


    I've had the same thing happen when I took my carry gun to the range.
    First round fired second failure to feed.
    Probably had the gun with a round chambered for a couple of months.
    Repetitively unloading and clambering the same round causes it to get the bullet pushed in a little because of the repetitive clambering.
    What that has to do with stove piping or the next round idea...
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    NE Utah
    Me either. But you and I know, some idiot will figure out a way to make it happen.:p