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    Here where I live [apt.complex] The owner has a new Management company running it. Before, we had at least 2 deputies and 3 Police officers as well as 5 or more armed security guards living here so we all felt pretty safe. Now with this new comp. running the place they have turned it into low income houseing. All the LEOs and all but myself for guards have had to move out as they don'tmeet quailifications and a whole new group of people have moved in. [Shall we say the caliber of said folk is lower then we had before] My neighbor next door is divorced with 2 daughters 1 in jr High and other in College she has a boyfried that is down every weekend they are very nice folks. Anyway she has noticed what is moving in and it has her nervous [Gang taggings are starting up allready] and as she knows I have several weapons she asked me what should she get. Her BF was there he hasn't shot much but was interested also. We went to his brothers place and let them try the C9 and my revolvers She likes a revolver and he really got into the C9 so I told them where to go to get their handguns. They are both interested in getting a CCW as well so they can also check that out at the shop as well. She is also gonna sign up for the firearms safty class they have in the area for women. So in a couple of days I may be taking a trip with them to the toy store to help them get their" liitle friends"

    Sorry for such a long post but this was a long story of sorts
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    good lookin out shooter.

    And good for them to get there priorities in order.

    Sucks about the livin situation tho.

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    Good stuff, you got a next door shootin' buddy. That sucks that your complex has decided to slum, but with a few good neighbors you can watch each others backs. I had a few wannabe gangstas (pants hangin under cheek, T-shirt down to the knees, "Yo MF" this and that, home all day and driving a spankin new Jag.) across the way from my Apt, but Sheriffs dept. cruisers came by from time to time, and now there are new neighbors. Got a memo from the management that there have been some break ins, so a reminder to keep doors locked... I see a local LEO roll through every couple weeks, sometimes creeping really slow and eyeballing the crap out of me while I'm walking the dogs. I smile and nod, knowing that it's up to me to protect my family. Possible good note, I haven't smelled marijuana for a few weeks... from that building anyway.
  4. The last apartment complex that I lived in had several LEO's living in it, armed security people in the building next to mine. We started to get some gang stuff going on, and one of my cop buddies and I decided to go skeet shooting one day. When we got home, he told me to just carry my shotgun into the house exposed. He said not to brandish it, but don't hide it either. I never had a problem in that complex.....
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    Lived in a "low-rent" apartment complex in Mesa, and had worse tennants in some respects. When I was living there, I was the ONLY person in the building with internet access! Granted there were a ton of tennants with leased Cadilliac Escalades with 30 inch rims and LCD TV's being delivered from Rent-a-Center, but it wasn't unusual to see the power company there every week to turn off a few tennant's power supplies due to non-payment.

    The nice part was that those who lived in my part of the building were very nice folks, and all kind of kept an eye out. On the other side of the acerage was like another world, with several shootings a month and drug deals every hour, but we were in the Northern corner of the 10 Acre complex, which made things easier on us. I kept an eye out on the kids since I worked at night on shows, and they kept an eye out on my Vespas when they got home from work and I went off. It was also the reason why I considered getting a firearm after years of caution against them.

    But this is what Hi-Point was made for: Working class folks who want the right to protect themselves without suffering the high-prices of "luxury" branded firearms.
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    Way to look out for others Shooter.Im sure they will be much better off because of you.Thats whats important in this life,the positive impact we have on others.
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