One-night stands?

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  1. eauphalant

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    If you were a single guy what would you do if you were carrying concealed and end up in a situation where you know that you could bring a girl home or go to her place for a one-night stand? Would you carry in the first place if you were looking for a one-night stand? If so what kind of carry position?
  2. lsi1

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    been married 13.5 very long years but yes i'd carry. That particular lifestyle opens itself to many dangers from husbands, boyfriends, or ex-whatevers.

    I'd probably pocket carry something rather small lcp tcp something similar.

    I would worry about someone coming into contact with it either her or maybe children in the home but lets be honest this is a hypathetical one night stand. I'm puting my pants back on and going home before others that may or may not be in the home become a risk.

  3. MachoMelvin

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    If you only dated CC holders, you wouldn't have to ask this question? You surely don't want to get involved with an anti-gun chick? That would be worse than dating a democrat!
  4. eauphalant

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    So your saying get really good at spotting a handgun? Lol
  5. missiledefender

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    I've hadda worry about it. I descretely gunned down in the bathroom. Nothing ruins the mood like a steelie CLUNK..clatter from the bathroom.
  6. Rerun

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    No, silly.

    You talk with them and find out what their thoughts on firearms are BEFORE You bed them.

    Unless, you are only looking for sex. Then, you might as well hire a person for the night.

  7. SWAGA

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    Florida Law prohibits from carrying in a bar.
    So unless you go scouting for cougars in Walmart it's a somewhat unlikely scenario.

  8. I have one night stand. Its great to store your firearm, wallet, or anything else you'll need at night/bedtime. :p
  9. cicpup

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    Yes carry. You can always play it off as you're protecting her. Right up to the point where you force her into the trunk.
  10. moona11

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    Ha I was waiting for that one to pop up:eek::eek::eek:
  11. Im married, so i cant give first hand advice.

    But my suggestion would be. pocket carry with one of the wallet holsters for a TCP, Bodyguard, LCP what have you.
    simple and shouldn't make a lot noise when your pants hit the ground.
  12. this should be in the comments of fame thread. :rofl:
  13. Now imagine you dont live in Florida and try again.
    No rules against it here in PA.
  14. [​IMG]
    Swaga, is that a picture of Pu$$y Galore in her golden years? :rofl:
  15. lsi1

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    Thats what she said!
  16. SWAGA

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    I've picked up something at Hooters once

  17. slade601

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    I've had a conversation with a guy at the bar, he always carried his Draco in a small bag In the car. He ended up sleeping with some girl and staying the night with her a good bit. Told him she was single blah blah. Well one night the husband comes inside and finds them. Said he let the guy push him around a bit until it went to far, and it was either get the hell out or go to the bag.
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    Oh and cic's comment just made my day!
  19. RedRaptor22

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    As a personal rule I never ever leave myself without my own transportation, and don't generally carry most of the time. Either way when I leave home for physical therapy my gun goes back to its place in my vehicle, and is locked up for the night.

    If one of my therapists comes here there is no special protocol.
  20. SWAGA

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    Back in my one-night-stand days I wasn't carrying but I'd bring other methods of 'protection'.
    Also had a habit of checking medicine cabinets, not falling asleep and not taking anybody to where I lived.
    Also 'don't call me I'll call you'.
    Basic precautions.
    Simply because one night stands tend to be above the crazy line in the no-go zone


    .....I miss those days......:(