One of the best Easter Presents...

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  1. My father handed me his "never been fired, much less out of the box" Remington 700 series custom. This, he bought back in the mid 70's I believe - chambered for 6mm (.244 Rem). With carved (not machine pressed) checkering on a walnut stock. I'm pretty sure that Remington does not make 700's in 6mm anylonger (although the 6mm ammo is still available).

    There was only 1 condition on the gift - I am never to sell or trade it (which I don't intend to)

    pics are forthcoming!
  2. Sweet!! Congrats and yes lets see some pictures!! I am a big Remington fan. I have a model 742 BLD, 760 BDL and I have a 700 all in 30-06. My shot gun is a Remington 870.

    Lets see some pictures!!

  3. Kyu

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    What a wonderful gift! Do I detect the beginnings of a family heirloom? IMHO, 6mm is a fantastic cartridge! Enjoy!
  4. Ari

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    Very very cool! Photos when you get time please
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    very nice when I was young I went deer hunting one time with my brother-in-laws rem 700 6mm but his father put on a very heavy target barrel and the gun was like 30 lbs. so it killed my shoulder to carry it much but man what a tack driver out to 400yds I keep trying to get him to let me take varminting but as his dad is now passed he wont lend it out any more.