One of the neat tricks pulled off by Hi Point is the fact that their handguns and carbines will interchange magazines in the same caliber. This means you can get two guns, a pistol, and a rifle, that will share the same mags and ammo supply.

Why is this important? Keep reading.

Ammunition standardization

Have you ever seen ammo listed as being "NATO" such as in 9x19mm, 5.56x45mm, and 7.62x51mm? What this means is that that defense alliance, made up of the U.S, Canada, and our European allies, have decided that each country could adopt whatever small arms they felt best met their needs-- as long as they all fired the same "NATO-standard" ammunition.

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(NATO headstamp-- its the cross)

This was because if the balloon ever went up and the Soviets rushed over the Iron Curtain with something on their mind, allied troops of any nation could be rapidly resupplied with bullets no matter what guns they were issued.

It just made sense to keep things simple.

This same benefit can be yours by helping to standardize your own, much smaller scale ammo stock. Instead of having a dedicated rifle round as well as a separate pistol round, you could select a single caliber (9mm, 40S&W, or .45ACP) and get both a Hi-Point carbine and pistol in a matching caliber.

Currently Hi-Points 9mm guns (995 carbine, C9 pistol, if using ten round magazines), .40S&W guns (4095 carbine, JCP pistol) and .45ACP offerings (4595 carbine, JHP pistol), are fully interchangeable as far as mags and rounds are concerned.

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That means one big stack of ammo rather than two smaller ones. Because of this, you can be on the lookout through various sites, gun shows, and local gun stores for but one chambering rather than two.

In addition, if you turn to reloading, this further means one set of dies, a single type of primers, shared cases, and so forth. Which means bonus added.

Streamlining those mags

A further benefit of stocking both the carbine and pistol in the same caliber is that spare magazines will be interchangeable. Going beyond the obvious fact that you only have to buy 'extras' in a single type, it also means that in your go-bag, gun safe, or nightstand, if you reach for that magazine in the dark-- you can't help but have the right one.

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Which also provides gives you the force multiplier of having friends and family members who shoot with you now or in the future of being able to 'grab a couple mags' without having to debate or question on if they are the right ones. This means you can further share mags should one of you have the pistol, while the other is equipped with the carbine.

In a high stress environment-this could prove helpful.

Be safe out there, and stock up on those mags.