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    I went shooting today, i took the two S&W.38, M1carbine, and the Hi-Point JHP .45. I was expecting the .45 to jam maybe twice the whole day over all,...nope, not once. Its the second time over all i fired it. The first time it jammed once. I just have to say i am very pleased with this gun. Im just so darn happy i picked it up. I think for christmas ill git a 9mm. I dont know, maybe i get a carbine instead, i seen alot of the carbine stocks that look really nice. im really looking up.
  2. Congrats!!! My first Hi-Point was the JHP .45 as well. My brother in Dallas bought one and called me up all excited. He begged me to find one in Houston. Said I would love it. I found one and it's been a love-thing since. Like you, I wanted a 9mm as well, so I got the carbine to mix things up. Love it for the cheaper ammo costs...

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    Very cool!
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    trust me. Get the Carbine. FUN accurate.
  5. very encoraging. thje jhp45 is th enxt pistol that i want.
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    if you have a HP pistol.. you need to get, NEED to get the carbine.
  7. Good stuff guys! I have the 995 but I don't as yet have any Hi-Point pistols. I think I am going to get the .40 S&W as that's a caliber that I have alot of brass for but don't currently own. I can get the .40 for $155.00 out the door at the Tularosa Trading Post here in Alamogordo. That's not a bad price for one either.
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    Get the 4095. Get the 4095. Get the 4095. Get the 4095.
  9. The jhp was my first hi poimt, and it preforms flawlessly. And the 995 is a must have.
  10. Good for you! My vote is the 995, then C9 as ammo is the same and 995 is a hoot to shoot.
  11. Primal, that's a great price... and since you've got the .40 brass sitting around, you should hop on that deal... happy shootin'

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    I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree! :lol: :lol:
  13. Go for it primal, of course it will not compare to that hand howitzer you own, but they are still fun to shoot and that is a good price.
  14. Well right now I am saving my pennies for a REALLY nice DPMS AR-15 that's posted in the Trading Zones... I really want one of those before they get banned. I will have the money for a .40 S&W Hi-Point soon enough after I get that.